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What Do You Need To Know About Akashic Record Reading?

by Team Techvilly
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Training in the Akashic Records is, energetically speaking, a relaying of the soul’s narrative within the context of the divine wisdom of this instant.

Practically speaking, this is the time to understand the truth and get rid of whatever is no longer useful.

What Is Akashic Records Reading?

When a person’s accessing akashic records prayer, they are given the opportunity to express themselves, raise concerns, remove barriers, and feel the Akashic Records’ energy changing for the better.

Why do you say the word “reading”?

Lectio Divina, a reverent reading aloud of scripture or a sacred book, was a practice that dates back to the early monastic eras. The Reader listened with body, mind, heart, and soul, allowing the words and their vibrations of spirit to reach them.

The act of speaking sacred words with a sincere desire to connect to God, the divine source, and All That Is fosters this connection. In the same vein, Reading is an audible manifestation of a person’s soul’s divine wellspring that flows from the ungraspable and the unfamiliar.

Therefore, Reading is a divinely inspired reading aloud of a person’s divine soul story. 

What Is The Flow Of A Reading?

Asking for a reading is the first step in an Akashic Record Reading. This is because everything in the Akashic Records is governed by purpose. The person is expressing purpose by asking for a reading.

The Reader is the one who is able to do the opening and will only open for another person if requested. The Akashic Records’ code of ethics mandates that Readers only open for others when requested. In the request, the holy, sacred place provided by the Reader inside the Akashic Records and the individual’s energetic soul flow are where the Reading music manifests.

In a reading, the soul potential of both participants is brought together to express the divine inside while shedding the restrictive boundaries of prior experience and everything that is no longer useful. An Akashic Record Reading aims to provide a fresh perspective on life, that of the soul, and to provide room and encouragement for letting go of things that are no longer useful.

Three factors combine when the Akashic Records are accessed         for a person to produce the Reading’s flow:

The Reader, the Receiver, and the Reading are the three components of Reading.

  • Receiver: The subject of the Reading is the individual whose records are opened. The Receiver’s intention is always what drives an Akashic Record Reading.
  • Reader: The one who accesses the Receiver’s Akashic Records. The Akashic Records Reader conducts and directs the Reading in accordance with agreements and with the Receiver as its only focus.
  • Reading: It is the process by which the Reader accesses, receives, and transmits knowledge to the Receiver from their Akashic Records.

How does Akashic Record Reading occur?

It occurs in a unique moment. The Reader is currently in the opening phase. The Recipient is who he is right now. None of them will be the same in a day, a month, or a year. The Reading being provided and received at this time can thus only take place now and will never be duplicated.

This distinctive feature enhances the resonance of the Reading and provides the framework for the Reading’s sacred place for both the Reader and the Receiver. Access to the Akashic Records is possible on many levels, spanning the full energy continuum from potential to form to the tangible. At the Soul Point in Non-Physical Reality, the Reader has the intention and the assistance of Agreements to access the Receiver’s Akashic Records.

Deep access at this level entails that the Reading will be provided from the perspective of the soul, as opposed to only the body.

What can be asked about in your Reading?

The reading is, by its very nature, inherently refreshing because of the healing nature of the energy of the Akashic Records. Obstacles can be identified and released. Outdated beliefs can be exposed and re-structured to serve the best of you. Trauma can be explained and transformed. The Reading is a sacred space meant to support the forward motion of your truth and the release of whatever is getting in the way of you becoming your best self.

First, be aware that Reading is never just for knowledge about former lives! Instead, you are free to explore and ask whatever is on your mind and in your heart.

You can inquire about any facet of your life, including your work, relationships, soul calling, and life course. What would appear in someone else’s Akashic Records would be the sole restriction. According to most individuals, the importance of knowing is heavily centered on fostering your capacity to believe in yourself and recognize your truth. Practical advice on how to live your life in balance, harmony, and resonance is abundant in the responses.

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