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Top Quality Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore

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Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore

Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore serves the best Chinese food and sends such good quality food. The food is well cooked and very affordable. I am happy with their food. They have great deals. A good and suitable covered marquee area for eating. Enjoy the chef’s unique culinary skills. Nice place near Lahore business center, Chinese food with Pakistani taste, the atmosphere is not good. The menu includes Chinese food. Golden Silk Shrimp, Peanut Fried Chicken Fingers, Spring Rolls, Fish Crackers, and Macon serve Chinese and Thai food with a lifetime of flavor. Yakisoba, Chicken Tikka Masala Rice, Beef Chili Fried Rice, Taoyuan Special.

Veera5 Thai and Chinese food

Vera 5 in Lahore, DHA Phase 5, is one of the elite areas of Lahore. They are known for their amazing Thai range, but they are second to none in Chinese. Professional staff, Thai decor, and a wonderful atmosphere combine to provide the ultimate Thai experience.

Thai food is often spicy compared to Chinese food, so a good chef at Vera 5 knows how to maintain the spiciness level. Their special Bianchao beef and Bangkok-style black pepper chicken are popular with many. Other popular dishes include tom yum soup, pad thai, Thai green/red curry, and garlic pepper shrimp.

Perfect for Thai and Chinese lovers, Vera 5 knows how to differentiate between the two cuisines. If you try this restaurant, you will want to stop at Vera 5 every time you visit Lahore.

Red Lotus

The Red Lotus is at Sheraton’s signature Four Points. The decor and ambiance are ultra-luxurious, thanks to VIP guests arriving at Four Points. Red Lotus has a professional wait staff, high quality, and a large quantity of food. Their menu is very rich and includes a variety of chicken and seafood dishes.

Excellent chicken and seafood dishes with rice and fried noodles are to die for at Red Lotus. Their specialties are shrimp with soy sauce and kung pao chicken. Special yakisoba goes hand in hand with other specialties. Beef is on the menu and they are very confident in what they offer. It’s definitely a stop for premium Chinese food lovers, especially those staying at Four Points.

Their premium prices are justified by the quality of service, decor, and ambiance. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a perfect meal with friends and family.

P.F. Chang

P.F. Chang’s is located on the famous MMAlam road in Lahore. Chang’s is one of the well-established Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore. Being a multinational franchise has the advantage that Chang’s operates in the United Arab Emirates and the United States. There is no major difference in terms of food, but there are differences in the amount of food available.

Their professional staff takes quick orders and our professional chefs deliver perfectly cooked meals on time. Common dishes are dynamite shrimp, chicken noodle soup, sesame chicken, kung pao chicken, and yakisoba. They expect sweetness, spices, and herbs to ensure the authentic Chinese taste.

Many who have visited the UAE or US branches of P.F. I love Chang’s because of the quality food and excellent service. They maintain the same quality here in Pakistan, making it one of the best Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore.

Lung Fung Chinese Restaurant

Lung Fung is the only Chinese restaurant in Lahore that maintains quality without any compromise in quality, taste, and quantity. This is why so many recommend Lungs to friends and family. Lung Fung size is enough to accommodate a large family. Recently, the management decided to convert the parking lot into an outdoor dining area at night due to the outbreak.

Lung Fung’s main quality is its reasonable price and high-quality ingredients. That is definitely a plus when compared to other restaurants in Lahore. Lung Fung’s typical menu is tempura shrimp, drumsticks, peppercorn chicken, white fish, and shrimp rice.

Quality outdoor dining makes social gatherings much easier and more comfortable for our guests Giramondo knows how to enhance your dining experience with helpful staff and quality food.

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