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Is the cheapest car insurance the best car insurance?

by Team Techvilly
Is the cheapest car insurance the best car insurance?

Car Insurance – tailored protection for your car

Pohjola Car Insurance is exceptional protection for your car. The car insurance always includes a mandatory traffic insurance. If an injury occurs, it will be replaced traffic insuranceall personal injuries and damage caused to the property of any innocent party. 

In the best case, the insurance for a car also includes a voluntary comprehensive insurance.Comprehensive insurancecompensates, according to the protections you have chosen, damages caused to your car by, for example, vandalism, glass damage or collision. Pohjola Bilförsäkring’s insurance options are Partial insurance, Light insurance and the most comprehensive Super insurance.

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What is the car insurance premium based on?

The car insurance price is based, among other things, on the car’s information, such as make, power, mass and age. Also the protections you choose for the insurance, your assessment of your annual driving kilometers and the policyholder’s information such as your total bonus for car insurance affect the price. The premium is also affected by the deductibles you have chosen and by any discounts you receive.

You will receive a recommendation and the premium for insurance suitable for your car, when you enter the registration number of the car in the premium calculator at the top of the page.

Can I get a discount on car insurance?

As a preferred customer of Pohjola Insurance, you get a 7% discount on comprehensive insurance with a bonus for your car. When you are also an owner customer in the cooperative bank, you get an extra discount of 3% on the comprehensive insurance, ie a total discount of almost 10%.

Can I use OP bonus for the car insurance premiums?

As an owner customer in the cooperative bank, you collect bonuses according to the scope of your monthly transactions with OP. These bonuses are automatically used for insurance premiums. For example, a mortgage of 50,000 euros gives you an OP bonus of 125 euros per year.

Thanks to the OP bonus, the price of the car insurance per year can be very favorable, as the invoice for the car insurance that remains for you to pay after the OP bonus is cheaper than the original one.

Is the cheapest car insurance the best car insurance?

The car insurance premium is partly based on the protections you have chosen for your car insurance. The more comprehensive protection you choose for your car, the higher the premium for car insurance. The car insurance premium calculator indicates the premium amount for your car in an instant. You can easily compare the levels of protection in different comprehensive insurances and you can see how the most favorable premium affects the protections included in the car insurance.

However, the cheapest car insurance can be surprisingly expensive if an injury occurs, if the insurance does not cover the damage at all. You may then end up having to pay dearly for the favorable car insurance.

If, for example, you drive your car every day and you suffer an injury, it can be both expensive and time-consuming to get a replacement car at your own expense. The cheapest car insurance often does not cover damages where an unknown party has scratched or collided with your car in the parking lot and left the scene.

A favorable car insurance is an insurance that you have help from when you need it. When you are going to take out car insurance and compare car insurance premiums, it is good to think about the total costs that an injury can entail. The cheapest car insurance is often not the cheapest in reality, when the accident happens.

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