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Different types of laboratory furniture

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A laboratory is a place where experiments are done, and it is important to have all of the required equipment for such experiments to be possible. The furniture in labs can be an expensive investment, but if you do not know what type of furniture you need for your lab space, it will cost more than necessary.

Knowing what types of laboratory furniture there are and which one best suits you and your lab space will help keep your budget on track. If you have a research or chemistry lab at home that needs different types of laboratory furniture by Global Lab Supply this article should help provide some insight on choosing the best pieces for your needs.

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Chemical storage cabinet:

You can use a chemical storage cabinet in your home lab. These are usually grey and used to hold acids and other chemicals used for experiments. They are often made from stainless steel and have an adjustable shelf that allows you to organize your chemicals properly. A chemical storage cabinet is about 20 inches deep by 40 inches wide, so it should be able to hold all the chemicals you will need for your lab.

You can then store this safely in a room with limited access, as you will not want others to disturb or accidentally contaminate the chemicals. Shelves are also adjustable for about a half-inch, so you can use a ruler to mark where you want to place them. It gives you more customizability with your chemical storage cabinet and provides more space if needed in your home lab.

Lab Benches:

A lab bench is used to work directly. These can be found in both a high school and a university chemistry lab, and they come in different sizes depending on what you will use them for. The bench height usually depends on how tall the user is, but there are also adjustable benches that you can use to change their height depending on your needs. Lab benches are usually steel and have at least one drawer built so you can store chemicals while working. In addition, some benches have a sink built into one end so you can clean up when working with chemicals.

Bench stands:

A bench stand is a piece of equipment you can use to sit on your workbench. Bench stands are usually positioned at an angle to your work and have a rolling cart. The rolling cart and the bench stand are usually interchangeable, so you can change either if you need it for different chemicals and experiments. Some models of bench stand also include a sink for washing up after using certain chemicals and disinfecting your hands. Again, you should go for global lab supply to get these benches.

Laboratory Chair:

Laboratory chairs are the most common type of chair in a chemistry lab, and they usually come with wheels so you can move them around easily. They usually have a tray on which you can place your chemicals, and many have a light on them so you can use them to work after dark. Lab chairs usually have wheels that allow you to move them around while working, and they are sometimes used as benches in chemistry lab classes where students will often be standing at their stations.

Bench Stool:

A bench stool is a lightweight chair used for sitting on your desk when working. They are also usually used in elementary school classes, but it depends on the teacher’s specific needs. The benches tend to be light, and it is possible to sit on them without damaging them or causing any damage to your desk. In addition, most can fold up easily, so they can be placed against a wall in tight spaces where they will not take up much space when not in use.


A sink is usually a large, deep basin that you can use to clean up your work area after completing certain experiments. Several different types of sinks are available, but you will often find that the one used in your high-school chemistry class is porcelain. The porcelain is smooth and easy to use, with no sharp corners so that if students bump into the sink, it will not damage them or cause the sink to break. Lab sinks are often used by scientists working in medical facilities and research labs, where they are needed for certain experiments.


Shelves are found in most shops, including elementary and high school chemistry labs. They are often used to store supplies you will need to touch during your experiments, such as beakers or graduated cylinders. Users can also use shelves to store chemicals they will ever use, like the ones needed for dye tests. Shelves are usually adjustable, and many even have wheels on them so they can be moved by users easily.


Several different types of laboratory furniture are available to you as you build your home science lab. Even equipment is designed specifically for use in elementary and high-school chemistry classes, which will help keep costs low when building your own science lab. Try getting furniture made from metal or hard plastic to save money and space.

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