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How To Store Cardboard Boxes?

by Team Techvilly
How to store cardboard boxes

There is extensive use of custom boxes in the packaging sector. American Forest and Paper Association states that almost 95% of the products in the U.S.A are packed and transported in cardboard boxes. Although the cardboard packaging is handy, its storage is always a problem. It takes much space in the basements, cupboards, storeroom, and garage sheds. This adds to the trouble regarding the accommodation of these custom boxes. However, if you know the right way to store them, you can overcome this issue. Cardboard boxes can be easily dismantled. Always store them flat to the bundle of optimum storage space. Below are some of the steps regarding it:

Step 1:

Cut the taped ends of the custom packaging boxes with a utility knife or a scissor. Separate the box flaps. Also, pull open the box flaps which were taped previously. Place the boxes together along the crease and fold them flat.

Step 2:

Now stack the custom boxes of the same size together. You will need a twine to tie them together. This keeps them at a place. Measure the length of the biggest box on the stack. Multiply it by 2 and cut a piece of twine of that length, keeping some margin for the knot. Similarly, measure the width of the largest box and repeat the process. You will have two pieces of twine to tie up your cardboard stack.

Step 3:

Wrap the width twine along the box’s width and tie the knot. Repeat the process with the length twine. Cut the excess twine if needed. This will make your custom cardboard boxes be placed one above the other in a flat position on the floor. Another option is to place them upright behind a workbench in a garage. If you are going to store custom printed boxes, keep their printed side inside. This will not spoil the printing even if you store them for long.

Problems Associated with Store Cardboard Boxes:

Some problems might come in the case of long-term storage of cardboard boxes. Cardboard breaks down easier than plastic, especially in vulnerable weather conditions like heat and humidity. If you store custom cardboard boxes for long, do not expect them to be in the same condition. Bugs are attracted to the cardboard content. The fire hazard increases if you store many custom packaging boxes together in a small space. As cardboard degrades over time and gets get if placed in a hot place like a shed in summer. Moreover, it also takes a lot of space if you do not store them flat or upright. In order to address these problems, we have come up with some important tips to avoid them.

Important Tips for Storage:

  • Maintain Your Storage Area:

Maintaining the storage area can help you to store cardboard for a long. Keep the boxes on the shelf, so they are off the ground. Do not store them too high. Make sure you place the heavier cardboard at the bottom of the stack.

  • Use Climate Control Storage

A climate control environment helps you to keep the cardboard packaging in good condition. If you can choose between a climate-controlled setup or a non-climate-controlled setup, always choose the former one. It’s better to maintain the level of humidity and an appropriate temperature. This will protect your cardboard from outside conditions.

  • Opt for Indoor Storage Spaces

Indoor storage spaces like an attic with a wooden floor are the most preferred way of storing cardboard boxes. This eliminates the chance of moisture seeping through the floor. Also, make sure that there is no water leaking from the roof. All such measures can prevent the cardboard from getting ruined.

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