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Saving Money at the Supermarket – Five Tips to Reduce the Cost of Food Shopping

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Food Shopping

In today’s economy, most people are looking for ways to save money. For many people, food shopping is a major expense. Supermarkets are a minefield of temptation. Yet, with a little ingenuity, you can significantly reduce the cost of your food purchases without compromising the quality of the food on your table. Here are five tips to help you save money at the supermarket.

Tip #1: Read supermarket flyers.

Study the weekly ads for your nearest supermarket on the Internet and in the newspaper. Look at the items on sale and think about the dishes you will be cooking the following week. Check out the meat offerings and look for appropriate cuts to make dinner. Look for opportunities to buy basic food items at a discount. If there is more than one supermarket in your area, use the ads to decide where you want to shop. With a little practice, you’ll soon be able to get good deals at the supermarket.

Tip #2: Buy coupons always be on the lookout for coupons.

They are the key to saving money at the supermarket. Check newspapers, mailing lists and websites. Look for both manufacturer’s coupons and shopping coupons. Manufacturer’s coupons are issued by the company that makes the product, while shopping coupons are tied to the supermarket itself. Supermarkets sometimes double or triple the value of their coupons. Plan your food shopping during these promotional periods.

Tip #3: Think about your menus In the meantime

You should have read the flyers and clipped a few coupons, so you should have found some great deals. Take a few minutes to plan your menu for the week. For meals, it’s all about finding good deals. If you plan to buy a week’s worth of food at once, plan your meals around using fresh meat and vegetables at the beginning of the week and frozen or dehydrated ingredients later. Also plan two or three extra meals with ingredients you always have on hand. If the supermarket doesn’t have the products you need to cook, you always have a backup plan.

Tip #4: Make a shopping list.

Once you have a menu, you can create a shopping list. Simply list the ingredients you need to prepare the menu items. Don’t forget to also pack things that are often overlooked, like spices and bags of buttered bread. Don’t forget to pack non-food items like soap and trash bags. Now organize the list by supermarket department (e.g. groceries, meat, canned goods, etc.) so that you can buy everything at once when you go shopping. Remember that this list has two important purposes: It should remind you to buy what you need and you should limit yourself to buying only what you need. This will help you stay on top of your shopping budget.

Tip #5: Eat before you go to the supermarket.

Don’t shop when you’re hungry. Eating out helps you to be disciplined when shopping. When you’re hungry, everything looks delicious in the supermarket. But if you’re full, you won’t be tempted. Try to eat the best meals of the week. That way, you’ll look forward to shopping on the big day.

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