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How to remove oil stains from upholstery

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Oil stains, as a general rule, are quite striking. The density of it, and in many cases, the fence that it can leave over time, makes it one of the most feared products when it comes to eliminating it.

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Something that, on the other hand, can become even more complicated when the stain is on the upholstery of a chair, a table or a vehicle.

Steps to follow to know how to remove oil stains from upholstery

However, for the peace of mind of those who are involved in this matter, it must be said that if a series of well-defined guidelines are followed, the result can be fully satisfactory.

Removing excess oil is the key

As always when you want to start the cleaning process, the most important thing is to remove the excess product that has caused the stain. In this case the oil. To do this, we will not use a cloth as you might think, but what we are going to use is blotting paper. The kitchen can serve. In this way, we will avoid having to carry out the cleaning work with an extremely dense product.

Use a product that removes excess

Within the cleaning industry there are many products that we can find to clean upholstery. This is the time to use one of them, but let it be for delicate upholstery.

It doesn’t matter if ours isn’t. The point is not to damage it. In addition, in the event that with this product we are not able to completely remove the stain, we can always resort to other natural products such as those based on cornstarch. Once applied, we will let it rest according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The importance of reviewing the fence

Once we remove the cleaning product, with a soft bristle brush we will have to eliminate the possible fences that have remained. For this occasion, we use a neutral soap dissolved in water. It will be more than enough for the trace of what was the oil stain to pass to a better life.

Apply protective products

However, in addition to carrying out a complete cleaning process, it is always interesting, as far as possible, to carry out preventive measures. For this, we can acquire a protective product so that the most rebellious stains, such as oil, do not cause so much trouble. It is enough to go to the sector market to choose the one that best suits what we need. Not only can we find several but they are not expensive.

Now that you know how to remove oil stains on upholstery, and now that you are clear that there are protective products, we have to give you one last piece of advice. And it is that whenever you know for sure that a piece of furniture or your vehicle is not going to be used for a while, the best alternative to cover it up is to drape it with a sheet or a cloth. That way you will avoid more than one scare.

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