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House cleaning : How to clean the blinds

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Blinds are one element that is frequently found in many buildings such as private homes or offices. Hence the importance of knowing effective blinds cleaning is essential.

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Why is it important to keep blinds clean?

Although at first glance it could be said that cleaning a blind is only important from an aesthetic point of view, this is not the case at all. Depending on the material in which it is made, it can lose its properties, and even break, due to lack of cleaning.

Steps to take when cleaning blinds

While it may seem that cleaning blinds are something trivial, it must be said that this is not the case at all. In fact, it is highly recommended to follow some guidelines when undertaking its care so that the result is optimal.

 Remove the blind

To achieve a deep cleaning, we will always have to have an optimal work scenario. For this reason, if it is possible, the blind must be disassembled. This will allow us to place it on a more comfortable surface and undertake the cleaning process in a much simpler way.

Superficial cleaning of the blind

As in most cases where you want to clean something, you first have to remove surface dirt. With a duster or, simply, with a cloth without moistening, we will remove the remains of dirt that may have caused the passage of time or pollution.

The importance of specific machinery

Although to clean a blind you do not need any type of machinery, it is no less true that if we rely on, for example, a steam engine, everything will be much easier. Thanks to this machine we will carry out a thorough cleaning of every one of the rods and sections that the blind has. However, if you do not have this type of equipment, you can also use a solution of ammonia and water and apply it with a cloth.

 The rinse before finishing

When we have carried out the entire cleaning process, either with a steam machine or with the solution of water and ammonia that we have shown, we must focus on rinsing. This is vital since it is here when we are going to prevent any trace of dirt from remaining between the rods of the blind. We should preferably carry this process out with hot water and with patience so that the result is optimal.

Why not apply a protector? 

Before concluding, a good idea may be to apply a protective product. This is very important to prevent the deterioration of the blinds. We must take it into account that in the vast majority of cases, these are in direct contact with the outside, which causes external agents such as rain or sun to damage them excessively.

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