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How to organize waste management in business

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How to organize waste management in business?

To properly organize waste management in the company, it is necessary to equip an establishment with bins suitable for the waste collected, whether recyclable or not, then inform employees of their implementation.

To do this, follow these 3 steps:

  • Choose collection locations
  • Determine the type of waste collected
  • Communicate with employees

1. Choose collection locations


In a company, a waste collector can be placed in different places: indoors or outdoors. It is important to identify the collection points upstream.

For waste collectors to be durable and resistant, even in the face of bad weather,  choose suitable quality materials  (plastic, wood, stainless steel, stainless steel, etc.) at your collection point.

In addition,  take into account the space available in each collection area to choose the types of bin fixings that are appropriate (wall-mounted, free-standing, etc.), while ensuring accessibility for all.

Indoor trash cans

There are many indoor trash cans for businesses with different capacities. In order to choose the appropriate models,  take into account the crowds, as well as the number of times the bin is emptied.

For high-traffic areas, such as a lobby, break room, or restroom, opt for a  50-120 liter bin as long as it’s emptied regularly.

For low-traffic areas such as an office, a small capacity model is ideal (less than 50 liters).

Outdoor trash cans

Outdoor bins, also available in different durable and sturdy materials, can collect different types of waste. Some models are equipped with several collection bins or an ashtray to facilitate the sorting of waste.

For smoking areas, car parks, or building entrances, we recommend ashtrays-trash cans, allowing the collection of cigarette butts to be separated from other waste (paper, packaging, etc.). This type of collector is generally fitted with a grid to put out cigarette butts or a damper head to prevent any fire from starting.

To know: Since the anti-tobacco law, it is forbidden to smoke inside a public or private establishment. It is, therefore, preferable to place an ashtray outside the building.

For small outdoor spaces, take a trash can to be fixed to the wall or on a post so as not to obstruct the passage or the entrance to the building. To prevent water from stagnating inside and creating odors, At SCS Group Integrated Services, we recommend using a perforated or lidded outdoor bin.

Tip: If the waste collection area is open to everyone, opt for a lockable, vandal-proof model.

2. Determine the type of waste collected


Mandated by the law, all companies are required to sort their paper, metal, plastic, and glass waste in order to promote the recycling of these materials.

Before choosing a trash can,  determine the type of waste to be collected. The collectors will not be the same for paper, cardboard, plastic, or metal.

Office waste

To collect office waste from company employees, we recommend providing a wastepaper basket in each workspace. These types of supplies will encourage employees to responsibly sort and tidy their personal space regularly.

For shared workspaces such as SilverSpace or any other co-working spaces, favor larger wastebaskets. Used by several people, a large-capacity basket will prevent it from overflowing at the end of the day.

Food waste

Used in cafeterias, break rooms, or coffee machines, food waste collectors must be of large capacity. To encourage employees to sort waste, we recommend multi-flow bins to separate packaging from food waste.

If you have little space in the cafeteria, opt for a wall-mounted trash bag holder. Otherwise, we recommend a wheeled bin bag holder, which is easier to move around to clear and clean the tables.

Tip: Empty every day, it is essential that the waste collector’s plastic bag is easy to change.

Recyclable waste

In order to properly recycle the company’s waste and to encourage employees to do the same, we recommend making different sorting bins available in the company.

If little different waste is discarded, take a multi-stream collector with 3 containers. However, there are sorting bin models with 5 containers, totally suitable for recycling glass, paper, plastic, metal, and other non-recyclable waste.

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