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Tips and tricks to eliminate bad smells from home

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Tips and tricks to eliminate bad smells from home

Tips and tricks to eliminate bad smell from home

There is nothing like coming home and enjoying a pleasant aroma, the one that makes us feel at home and that takes us away from work and day-to-day problems. But sometimes eliminating the bad smell from home can cost a little more, either because the house is old, you have pets at home, because the pipes do not work as they should or because you smoke inside the house. But since nothing is impossible, especially if you have the right products such as our liquid air freshener, here are some tips to enjoy a home or premises with a clean aroma. 

Home remedies to remove bad smell from home

Having a good professional air freshener in any of its formats is essential for any home or business to smell clean. But this effect can be more lasting if we also put into practice the following tips to eliminate bad odors with products that we have at home.

One of the home remedies to combat odor is apple cider vinegar. Since although the smell of vinegar is not pleasant, this substance is antibacterial and also helps to eliminate bad odors such as the smell of mustiness or mustiness. To use it, it is recommended to mix apple cider vinegar and water in equal parts and spray it with a spray bottle.

Coffee is another product that can be very useful to neutralize unpleasant odors that are very common in the garbage can or in the furniture where it is stored. To use it, just put a few roasted coffee beans in the cupboards and smelly places. Coffee grounds can also be used. To do this, put them in a small cloth bag.

Lemon can also be used to remove bad odors from places such as the refrigerator or poorly ventilated spaces. To do this, simply mix the same amount of lemon juice and water and spray it on surfaces with a bad smell.

The best professional air fresheners to eliminate bad odors

At Grades we know the importance of rooms having a pleasant smell, which is why we have professional air fresheners that adapt to all types of spaces and needs.

Among our products to eliminate bad odor from home or business, we highlight liquid air fresheners and spray air fresheners; all of them with citrus aromas and other natural essences. In addition, thanks to the automatic dispensers it is possible to always enjoy a good smell without any effort.

On the other hand, concentrated liquid air fresheners achieve the same result, but favor savings by needing to use a smaller amount of product. These are ideal for applying in bathrooms, kitchens, loaded environments, or other areas with bad odors.

Specific remedies for specific situations

Each need requires a specific product to eliminate bad odors. For example, in the bathroom, it can work to place a container with charcoal or chalk. These products help absorb moisture and eliminate bad odors.

So that the towels do not smell bad, it is important to spread them out well after each use and let them dry before storing them. Change the towels every week and use vinegar as a softener. 

In the kitchen, it can help to have aromatic plants such as basil, mint, or thyme. To eliminate the smell of oil you can put a slice of lemon or apple and remove it when they darken. Vinegar in a saucepan and add citrus peels. And once the frying task is finished, don’t forget to immediately scrub the pans. It will always be helpful to use professional cleaning products that help absorb bad odors and leave a fresh scent in their wake.

At SCS Group Integrated Solution we can handle any, even the dirtiest, job. We will provide cleanliness and sanitation to keep freshness in the house, apartment, or office in the shortest possible time. We cope with any volume of work in ‌cleanliness. Every client is important, no matter their problem, small or big. We provide a full range of professional cleaning services.

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