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How to Create Ads on Facebook and Instagram with Free Tools

by Team Techvilly

Did you know that there are more than 6 million advertisers on Facebook?

But the real power is understanding what content more than 3.271 million active users on Facebook and Instagram are really interested in.

And it is that the question that you ask me every day through social networks and email is how to sell more with your Facebook campaigns, lower costs, and improve the relevance of your ads.

Leaving aside the strategy and optimization part of our campaigns, which is fundamental, the images and videos that we use in our ads have become the turning point for entrepreneurial advertisers.

And you have to put aside the belief that you have to be a visual and graphic design crack and master video editing as if you were a television cameraman because you can find a simple and free tool on the internet.

In this article, I share with you the best design tools to create ads on Facebook and Instagram that convert more.

The importance of videos and images in ads

What is the use of creating the perfect campaign, making an excellent configuration, a detailed segmentation, or a super attractive copy, if later the visual design of your ad does not lead the user to action?

Stunning visual designs help you:

  • Differentiate your advertising campaigns from your competitors
  • Persuasive text (copy) is important, but first, we stop an ad for the image or video for the visual aspect
  • Pay less for your ads: lower cost per click, higher CTR (Click through rate), and better ad ranking
  • Increase the number of visible and invisible actions, which translates to an above-average quality rating

Don’t you know what invisible actions mean? They are those that do not involve an action that you can measure.

We are talking about the time a user spends looking at an ad, if they hit play on the video, slide to see more images from the carousel, see an ad again or scroll up because they had missed an ad and found it interesting.

The images and videos of your Facebook and Instagram campaigns are directly related to metrics such as the CTR, cost per click, or the quality classification of your ads.

Now that you know the importance of designs in your Facebook and Instagram campaigns, we will learn about the super design tools to create ads that convert more.

Tools to create Facebook and Instagram ads


It is my favorite online tool. It allows you to create video and image layouts, square, horizontal, and stories format for your ads.

You can choose from hundreds of layouts, animations, backgrounds, text, and objects. A simple image or interactive video can personalize yourself with images and texts and modify the movement of objects.

You have a free version with more than 6,000 design templates and 4,000 photos and images. Suppose you want to take it a step further. In that case, the Advanced version for $7.99 per month will give you access to more than 50,000 premium content. Finally, the Pro version for $19.99 with animated elements, Full HD quality, and access to 5,000 design templates is renewed weekly.


Design what you want, and publish where you want. This is how Canva advertises itself, and it is true. You can create a free account and a useful online tool for both beginners and design experts.

It is a very simple tool to use and with multiple design options where you can modify the template, photo, elements, text, and background and upload personalized files, such as your own image. Even create layouts with custom dimensions.

The interface is very similar to Crello’s but somewhat less powerful in creating interactive videos, although you can upload and edit them according to the design.

It’s completely online and free, but you can go Pro to get more design tools at your disposal for a free period of 30 days and then for $12.95 per month per team member.


A simple tool to combine your images with the Crello and Canva tool. How many hours have you been trying to crop your image from a photo with a background? With Photoshop, I assure you that a good time.

With this tool, in a matter of seconds and automatically, it will remove the background of your image so that only you remain. Great for later uploading this design to the above tools and creating designs for your ads with a Wow effect.


Online tool for editing and designing photos. You can store the designs in the cloud and access them from your desktop or your mobile. For both amateurs and professionals, the software allows us to:

  • Edit images
  • Create layouts including ads
  • Face retouch
  • Impression

Although it is a simple and practical tool, it offers fewer design options than Crello, and the price is higher. You have a 7-day free trial, but after that, all plans are paid.


You do not have to worry if you are not a graphic designer. This tool will act as if you have the ability. Among the multiple template options, you will find the one for ads. You can select the size, and it is also specified as rectangular or square for Facebook.

In addition, you can also become a designer and create your own banners in minutes by adding drawings, designs, and calls to action.

You have two plans, the free plan and the Premium plan, which are €9.99 per month. Simple to use and with the same interface as Crello and Canva, with the main menu with tools on the left side of the screen.


FlexClip could be the perfect option for creating animated videos for your ads. We find business presentations, explanatory videos, and promotional videos among the different templates.

You can create, edit, and share videos for your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. You can make videos not only for advertising but also for content for your social networks with FlexClip.


Imagine what they are capable of offering us. Creativity is made simple. Kapwing is a video and GIG editor with a tool to create videos and memes and add texts and subtitles.

The videos called nuggets, with a band above the text and below the subtitles, are very popular for reach, recognition, and interactive campaigns. With this tool, you can create them in seconds.

Best of all is the price. It has a free version that also does not include watermarks! And the Pro version, which is $20 per month.


It is not a known tool, but I have used it with clients and with good experience and results. It allows you to create advertising videos for Facebook in a few minutes.

Creating the video takes you through the following tour steps:

  • Choose the frame of the video
  • Add the content by choosing the color, background, texts, and images
  • The video is animated and designed with transitions and visual elements
  • Export our videos in MP4 to upload them to our advertising account

You now have your video advertising design ready for your Facebook and Instagram campaigns.


You no longer have an excuse to create ads that hook your audience from the first impression. I recommend that you always make different ad designs for the Facebook and Instagram feeds and for the stories you already know to have a unique size.

Multiple layouts will allow you to A/B test to determine which ad performs best and also increase the CTR of your campaigns. You will not be able to say that you do not know how to design and that it is not necessary for your ads to convert.

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