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8 reasons to choose a commercial library over an open source one

by Team Techvilly

Open source software solutions, including components and libraries, are the preferred option for many developers who want to improve a feature or need to add features to the software being developed. Still, retail libraries can offer more than you might think.

Open source software (i.e. software with free licenses provided by free source code) is gaining popularity day by day. The reason is clear: Falling end-user software prices make it harder to invest in traditional software development. And for in-house jobs, tighter IT budgets cause programmers to choose code snippets of unknown quality.

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However, even though open source containers and code snippets appear to have zero initial working capital, they begin to consume resources later in the software lifecycle. And commercial libraries can offer more than you think.

I’ll focus on professionally executed marketing solutions

 Putting a price tag on your code doesn’t magically turn the code into an industrial-grade marketing product. A commercial library needs to be evaluated carefully to answer the question of how professional it is. Not everything with a price tag is good, that’s for sure. But if it’s for sale, chances are you’ll find what’s missing in open source offerings.

We examine what exactly company name to domain api (and especially component and class libraries for software developers) can offer, and discuss objections and counter-objections.

Documentation and samples

As APIs become more complex today, documentation and examples allow for easier and faster code reuse. Just copy the piece of code from the example and it works. If you need help, you can go through the documentation to find out where to go next or why the process might fail.

Open source software experts say the source code is the best documentation available. It may work as documentation as long as the code itself is properly written, phrased and documented (with proper formatting and variable and function names). But most of the time code is not the funniest read in the world.

Various studies show that the availability of source code sometimes helps in identifying various issues, but it doesn’t help much in using software just because you don’t know what to look for.

Articles should also be written by technical writers, not programmers – programmers don’t want to, they don’t know how to write good articles. Let the programmers do the coding and let the technical writers write the article.

Well done bees

Any software as a complex engineering product requires design and development before it can be implemented in bare metal code. Writing 1000 lines of code from scratch is not the same as developing and designing those 1000 lines in advance. A good practice would turn 1000 lines into 200. A bad practice would mean having to write 10,000 lines.

As for open banks, many of them have been built in an evolutionary way, e.g. something small, and features like new toys on the New Year’s tree added. And finally you get the construct that’s as fragile as a New Year’s tree.

In contrast, commercial APIs are in most cases designed with both ease of use and extensibility in mind. There are often different levels of the API, for low-level applications (where you get more control) and high-level applications (where you get the job done quickly).

Finally, open source libraries are mostly developed by programmers, while professional commercial solutions are mostly developed by architects and software analysts and only then coded by programmers.

Unique features

Since the goal of open source developers is to provide something and build it quickly, usually only the most popular features are implemented in a given application domain.

Commercial library developers need to stand out from the crowd, and building greater applications is one way to accomplish this task.

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