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How much does it cost to hire a cleaning company 

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How much does it cost to hire a cleaning company? 

Cleaning companies in Melbourne are increasingly in demand. However, those who are not totally familiar with these agencies often wonder how much it costs to hire a cleaning company. In this post, we not only tell you the price estimates, but we will address other aspects that must be taken into account prior to contracting.

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As a commercial cleaning agency, we keep ourselves fully up to date on the characteristics of this type of service and what aspects are valued at the time of offering a quote. There are many important details that, when revealed, make it easier to hire a home cleaning service.


  • How does hiring a cleaning company benefit you?
    • 1.1 ⇨ 1. Timesaving
    • 1.2 ⇨ 2. Lasting results
    • 1.3 ⇨ 3. Prevention of hygiene problems
  • 2 What is the price of an hourly cleaning company?
  • 3 How to choose the best home cleaning service?
    • 3.1 ⇨ 1. Evaluate references
    • 3.2 ⇨ 2. Look for variety
    • 3.3 ⇨ 3. Analyze the security of the service
  • 4 In conclusion: how many does it cost to hire a cleaning company?

Cleaning companies have many benefits, but what are they?

Do you still have doubts about whether hiring a house cleaning service is a good option? Currently, there are many benefits offered by maintenance companies at a very competitive price.

In addition, an important focus is the possibility of preventing and combating cleaning problems in the home or facilities. While dirt may seem fairly harmless at first, over time it leads to more complicated issues.

As a cleaning agency, we could address many negative effects caused by the lack of maintenance in common areas. However, this time we share three advantages of trusting home cleaning companies :

⇨ 1. Timesaving

Between the pressure of work, family commitments, and the natural need to rest, it becomes very difficult to carry out deep cleaning. Let’s be totally honest… cleaning the house can be quite a challenge! And it is precisely this lack of free time that makes it impossible to comply with the provisions on good maintenance. That is when we ask ourselves: how much does it cost to hire a cleaning company?

Also, in SCS Group Integrated Services we offer you the opportunity to enjoy impeccable spaces in record time since we have a large cleaning staff that allows us to meet the objectives while taking care of punctuality. Basically, as a cleaning service company, we know what the main needs are, and one of them is immediacy.

⇨ 2. Lasting results

One of the great advantages of valuing the search for house cleaning companies is that they generate professional results. Therefore, it is common for office cleaning to be much more efficient. In this way, it is possible to generate savings in terms of service investment. For example, a small family might benefit from hourly cleaning a few times a week.

Cleaning companies work by offering in-depth maintenance. In consideration of this, it is possible that the client gains benefits such as the improvement of the floors or the minimization of the impact of dirt in their spaces. This point is important when taking into account how much it costs to hire a cleaning company because in many ways it is an investment.

⇨ 3. Prevention of hygiene problems

We applied house cleaning generated by a professional cleaning agency taking good care of every detail. That is why these types of services help prevent the appearance of mold, humidity, rodents, and other animals. In SCS Group Integrated Services we take care of your home as if it were our own home.

What is the price of an hourly cleaning company?

Now that we have addressed the benefits of having a home cleaning service, it is time to talk about the prices of this type of service. First of all, the cost to pay will depend on the chosen modality.

Thus, home cleaning by the hour is a modality quantified according to the hours that we complete the professional work until all the maintenance. There are modalities such as express cleaning and thorough spot cleaning. That is why it is valid to ask how much it costs to hire a cleaning company, especially when it is for certain services.

Taking this approach into account, we can say that house cleaning prices range between 15 and 20 Dollars per hour. However, a final budget depends almost entirely on the characteristics of the service. For example, office cleaning is not always quantified in the same way, which will also require window cleaning, due to the thoroughness of maintenance.

And the same happens with home cleaning because it is not the same if, in addition, carpet cleaning is required. However, we focus on generating competitive prices. And, above all, we take care of the balance between quality and cost.

How to choose the best home cleaning service?

Since we have clarified some doubts about how much it costs to hire a cleaning company, we will tell you some tips to hire the best cleaning service. Given the variety of options, choosing the best agency can be a bit complicated.

And it is that, as a cleaning services company, we understand how important it is to have a team that provides real solutions. We can summarize this topic in three points:

⇨ 1. Value references

These days, most cleaning companies include customer reviews or ratings. However, you can also find a lot of information about it on Google. It is important that you document yourself about it.

⇨ 2. Look for variety

It is possible that you have looked for an office cleaning company for hours and after requesting that maintenance you have noticed that window cleaning would come in handy. Therefore, it is important that you choose an agency that can really offer variety. With us, you will find everything from community cleaning to mattress cleaning.

⇨ 3. Analyze the security of the service

Finally, we recommend you make sure that the cleaning company has the legal requirements to offer its services. In this sense, the employees most likely have certifications, since cleaning work requires a lot of precision and responsibility. We have a professional and qualified cleaning staff to perform their duties satisfactorily.

In conclusion: how many does it cost to hire a cleaning company?

As we have mentioned, the price may vary. However, the average how much a cleaning company charges per hour is around 15-20 Dollars. It is important that at this point you consider if the cleaning agency offers certain benefits, such as cleaning products.

What did you think of this post? Do you already know how much it costs to hire a cleaning company? Leave us your assessment in the comments, we are delighted to read you. Or if you prefer, contact us and we will assist you quickly.

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