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Get Cisco C9200-24PXG-E and C9200-24T-A switches from Switch Tech Supply

by Uneeb Khan

C9200-24PXG-E series switches are mainly designed for the security of your network connection. Because they have all the essential features that are necessary for a midsize enterprise to work seamlessly. They have full PoE+ capability, power and fan redundancy, and stacking bandwidth up to 160 Gbps.

C9200-24T-A these Cisco Catalyst series switches can overcome operational costs by leveraging intelligence, and automation that anyone can deliver regardless of where you are in the intent-based networking journey.

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Specifications of C9200-24PXG-E:

These features make them top-notch switches in the IT industry.

Field-Replaceable Units (FRU) ability:

These series switches provide you Field-Replaceable Units (FRU) because they support power supply, fans, and modular uplinks. Moreover, they support internal fixed power supply or optional power adapters, even when they are not powered by upstream 802.3bt type4 90W PSE.

Superior QoS enable:

These series switches provide you with Gigabit Ethernet speeds with intelligent services that keep traffic flowing smoothly even if they are at 10 times the normal network speed. Moreover, they provide you with cross-stack marking, classification, and scheduling, which deliver superior performance for data, voice, and video traffic at wire speed.

Moreover, Superior QoS includes granular wireless bandwidth management and fair sharing, 802.1p Class of Service (CoS) for better bandwidth.

UADP 2.0 ports:

These series switches provide you UADP 2.0 Mini with an integrated CPU offering customers optimized scale with a better cost structure. Moreover, they provide you with USB ports to connect your hardware and software.

Flexible Net Flow:

These series switches from Cisco can provide you full flexible net flow. Because they are designed for the new generation.

Moreover, these switches can provide you with optimization of the network infrastructure, reduce operation costs, and improve capacity planning along with security incident detection with increased flexibility and scalability for connection.

Per-VLAN Rapid Spanning Tree (PVRST+) system:

These switches have a unique quality in that they support Per-VLAN Rapid Spanning Tree (PVRST+) system. Moreover, they allow a per-VLAN spanning-tree basis, which provides a simpler configuration than MSTP. In addition, with both MSTP and PVRST+ modes, stacked units behave as a single spanning tree node.

Specifications of C9200-24T-A:

These are some features, which make these switches different from all.

Switch-port auto-recovery:

These switches support the Switch-port auto-recovery feature, which means you can automatically attempt to reactivate a link that is not enabled because of a network error. So that you can get a smooth user experience.

RFID tags enable:

The series switches have an embedded RFID tag, which can facilitate easy asset and inventory management using commercial RFID readers. so they can easily deduct any threat and error.

Affective switch operations:

These series switches support optimum power saving with Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) on the RJ-45 ports and low-power operations for industry best-in-class power management and power consumption capabilities.

In addition to this, these switches provide you Per-port power consumption command, which allows users to specify a maximum power setting on an individual port so you can connect your enterprises with a large range.


The series switches support connecting a Bluetooth dongle to your switch. Moreover, they allow you to use this wireless interface as an IP management port interface. That means all ports are useful for configuration and troubleshooting using WebUI and the Command-Line Interface (CLI) to transfer images and configurations.

Final thoughts:

These Cisco Catalyst series switches are the future of the new hybrid world because of their features. They are ready to meet the new IT industry’s speed. You can easily buy them from the Switch Tech Supply e-commerce store.

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