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Floor cleaning: How to clean white marble

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How to clean white marble

If you want to find a method to know how to clean white marble effectively, we have to tell you that the best one is the one that combines, on the one hand, household elements and, on the other, more specific products.

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And it is that, above all, we must remember white marble is such a delicate mineral that it can easily be damaged if we only use chemical products.

 The steps you need to know to clean white marble

Below we are going to condense everything you need to know to clean white marble without damaging it. In addition, we will protect it over time and against possible external aggressions that it may receive.

 We start with a superficial cleaning

As is the general rule with any material, the first step to take is surface cleaning. This process can be carried out only with water and vinegar in a ratio of 3 to 1.

Once the mixture is homogeneous, slightly moisten a cloth and rub the surface very delicately, avoiding large concentrations of the mixture. Once the process is completed, the excess mixture will be removed but without proceeding to deep drying.

 We remove dirt in a deeper way

Now it’s time to use chemicals. Of course, it is recommended that these are formulated only based on neutral soap since it is a very non-aggressive element for this type of surface.

Once the product has been selected, a generous layer of the product will be applied and rubbed with a cloth, avoiding, as in the previous step, large concentrations of it. Once the cleaning process has been carried out, the excess will be removed.

 We apply a layer of protection

At this point, we are going to finish cleaning our white marble at the same time that we are going to apply a layer of natural protection. For this task, we will mix in a ratio of 5 to 1, water and a chemical product rich in chlorine. This mixture will include the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon.

I will apply the mixture with a cloth rubbing over the entire surface. We will be observing, little by little, how the most embedded dirt disappears. In this case, we should not invest a lot of time in cleaning since the chlorine can become aggressive even though it is diluted in water.

Thorough drying

Without a doubt, this is the most important step in the entire process. And it is that, with a completely dry cloth, we must eliminate any remaining moisture. The chemicals used can damage the surface that we just cleaned. Hence the importance of dwelling on this process as long as necessary.

Although it is true that in principle this professional cleaning process can be repeated once a month without any problem, the ideal would be not to carry it out again until it is not necessary. In this way, we will be preventing the white marble from suffering more than is recommended.

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