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Five Ways to Increase Conversions with Facebook Messenger Bots

by Team Techvilly

Chatbots have been gaining popularity because they can take over the time-consuming tasks of business operations.(followers on facebook)  There are many benefits to adding a chatbot to your Facebook page. This will allow you to respond to customers faster and offer a high-quality service.

Facebook data shows:

  • 61% of UK citizens emailed a business during the three months March-2018
  • 53% of people will interact more with companies they can directly message.
  • Over 50% of people consider business communication the best way to communicate.

 Contacting a business via email or telephone is more manageable than calling.

Facebook messenger bots can be used for business purposes in various ways. The chatbot’s ability to increase conversion rates is one of its most important benefits. This can be achieved if the messages are well-written and planned. These five methods by which Facebook Messenger bots can help you increase conversions. We also have our top tips on how to write high-quality messages.

1. Customer service can be improved

Messenger chatbots can be used to increase conversions in an obvious way: By using automated messaging, potential customers will receive an immediate reply to any questions they might have.

Excellent customer service is key to increasing your conversion rates. It sets you apart from other businesses. Make sure to consider FAQs sent to you and create a way for people to find the answers quickly. This is best done by offering multiple choices that narrow down to a particular question.

Potential customers can quickly decide whether they want to buy your products or services if you provide high-quality answers. You can not only relay accurate and exact information, but you also reduce the chance of potential customers sourcing a substitute supplier or purchasing from someone who responds faster.

A bonus perk: When you use a bot to request information, you pre-qualify customers before they spend their time searching for the info.

Facebook messenger bots’ response rate

Your Facebook homepage can show you your response rate.

2. Increase brand awareness

Your bot can be used to inform people about what your company does, especially when you are communicating with people who recently joined your brand’s influence sphere. This is an excellent way of attracting interest. You can convert cold audiences to warm ones by communicating your brand to them. This can be done in some ways, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try them all. It all comes down to what works best for you and your brand.

Begin by greeting people who message you. This will allow them to learn a bit more about you before they start chatting.

The second option is to add a menu at the bottom of your Messenger window. This allows people to ask questions and learn more about you, your work, and other helpful information.

This bot menu lets users learn more about the agency.

As part of your bot conversation, you can also increase brand awareness. You can capture your audience’s attention by letting them know about an event you were a part of or a project you have been involved in.

3. Encourage others to visit your product pages

After using either or both of these features to warm your audience, you can begin directing them toward your product pages. It is crucial that your message feels natural and conversational and not like a sales pitch. This is a no-no. This is a big no.

Facebook messenger bots “Browse Collection” option

Burberry offers the opportunity to browse its products through the menu and the conversation.

4. To increase customer lifetime value, send broadcasts to your subscribers

You can also send ad-hoc broadcasts to your subscribers and the standard chatbot conversation. These broadcasts can be used in many ways to attract attention to your brand, increase customer lifetime value, and increase the likelihood of future sales. These should not be too sales-oriented and should be sent out only once weekly.

Broadcasts can inform customers about business news they find essential, provide them with content they might find helpful, such as a blog that will bring them back to your site, or ask if they would like to be informed of new product launches.

Broadcasts should not be used to bombard people with information but rather to engage them in conversation. Ask them questions to find out if they are interested in continuing the conversation. If they don’t want to continue, you should offer them multiple options for ending the conversation.

5. Augmented reality

Victoria Beckham is the only person to embrace augmented reality in her chatbot. The results are excellent. One of the most impressive Facebook Messenger bots that we have ever seen is hers. It allows users to try on her sunglasses collection using their camera to determine if they will suit them. This is an excellent way of encouraging conversions. We hope to see more of it in the future. This case study provides more details about her bot.

Augmented reality with Facebook Messenger Bots

Victoria Beckham’s bot allows you to try her sunglasses collection in augmented reality.

These are our top tips for creating chatbot messages

Now you know how bots can increase conversions. How do you create compelling messages? Below are some helpful tips to help you build your Facebook chatbot.

1. Do not overdo it when you are writing text

A bot shouldn’t have more than three daily messages without asking questions or offering options for people to reply to. Messenger bots should communicate in a conversational style. This means that you should only send a few sentences per message. It’s not an email, and it’s a conversation.

2. Use emojis

Chatbots are intended to be less formal than other forms of communication. Chatbots can be made more friendly and fun by using emojis.

Emojis for Facebook Messenger Bots

3. Use breaks between messages

You can avoid using text blocks or flooding users with messages at once by using text breaks. As a rule of thumb, letters should be separated by two to three seconds.

4. Use images or GIFs

Images and GIFs can make the conversation more natural. You can add humor to your bot but be careful as different people may find it funny.

5. Give people the opportunity to unsubscribe

It is essential that subscribers can unsubscribe at any time. (buy followers on facebook) While trying to grow your bot audience, it is not a good idea to have subscribers who don’t want to be associated with your brand. People shouldn’t start to resent your brand because they receive unwanted messages that are difficult to remove. It is easiest to let people unsubscribe by adding it to the “Bot Settings” menu.

Facebook messenger bots settings

Facebook messenger bots unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe by clicking on this bot’s “Settings” button.

6. For future targeting, collect data from subscribers

You can use the information and answers people provide to your bot by tagging and creating subgroups. This allows you to send broadcasts only to people who have opted in and also allows you to retarget those people who have expressed an interest in a particular topic. This is a great way to increase customer lifetime value and keep people in your circle of influence. It allows you to show them the content they are interested in, increasing conversion rates.

Incorporate Facebook Messenger into your marketing strategy

Before setting up a chatbot on Facebook Messenger to increase conversions, let us remind you that bots can be used with other advertising formats. Chatbots should be used to complement other advertising formats and not as a substitute.

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