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Damascus Steel Knife

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Damascus Steel Knife

Damascus steel knives are durable and resistant products with unique designs. Blades have a history of over a thousand years, but the technology used to produce them has undergone many changes and continues to improve. Today, it is sold for hunting, tourism, household, and other tools, and its blade is made of Damascus steel. Damascus steel knives are also made by our company’s artisans. The online store offers practical gifts and designs for home and abroad.

Manufacturing Technology

Damascus Steel Knife blades are made in several ways. The most common is to incorporate multiple alternating layers of soft and hard steel, which are tensioned and clamped several times during the forging process. During this processing, the ore is freed from phosphorus, sulfur, and various slags. The result is a homogeneous material with a low carbon concentration. The high quality of the alloy is rigorously achieved.

Various Damascus Knives:

  • Strength – withstands heavy loads, maintains the freshness of plants for a long time;
  • High cutting properties
  • Easy to use;
  • flexibility due to the use of steel grades with low carbon content;
  • Long service life
  • wear resistance;
  • Decorative – there are beautiful patterns on the surface of the blade;
  • temperate;
  • Corrosion resistance if the blades are made of stainless steel.

Damascus blade handles are made of many materials. Various materials can be used to make it, including wood, metal, and plastic. Handles made of natural ingredients are oiled to protect against moisture, dirt, and external influences.


The simplest method of production involves producing “wild” Damascus with random patterns on the blade. Simple damask is characterized by continuous pattern repetition and stamping – with patterns in the form of wooden rings. For the manufacture of steel mosaic, a particular group of materials is selected to achieve a beautiful decorative effect. Twisted products are made from twisted rods. By adjusting the torsion angle and depth of the cut, different patterns are created. Multi-row blades made from multiple strips of Damascus. Beautiful artistic designs are layered on the surface of the blade.

A Period

Handmade Damascus steel knives can be purchased from the workshop. The tools do not belong to bladed weapons, they comply with GOST R 51644-2000. The catalog includes models for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities and household blades.

Kitchen cutters are designed for cutting meat, fish, fruits, etc. They are reliable household tools with standard or large blades. Damascus knives are prized for their high wear resistance. The tools are equipped with pressed blades that do not require constant sharpening. It is suitable for cutting animal and fish carcasses and working with fishing lines, nets, and other equipment. Foldable, safe, and comfortable models are designed for long walks. The blades do not need to be closed, they can be carried in the pocket without risk of injury.

You can order a tool by phone or using a special form on the site. To choose the right Damascus steel writer’s knife in terms of technical features and price, use the advice of a business manager. Goods are delivered throughout the United States and worldwide.

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