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Boost Your Business with These Top 10 Optimization Tools Now!

by Uneeb Khan

So you’ve finally boosted your business with Search Engine Optimization, but if you have an exclusive app to launch, you must approach an app store optimization company. Want to know the tactics they use to limelight your app? 

Then continue reading to learn more and invest in the top 10 App Store Optimization (ASO) tools shortlisted just for you!

Everything about the App Store Optimization (ASO)

Did you know? There are over two million apps in the Google Play store, with many new apps launched weekly!

You need an ASO because it pushes your app’s visibility over the others to increase download and traffic rates. Also, it saves time with data intelligence to help you take the right ASO strategies to improve app rankings, like SEO. So here are some benefits you reap working with a digital marketing company on ASO tools:

  • Track your app ranking
  • Know your app competitors
  • Ping the right keywords to your app to optimize it in the app listings
  • Gain localization suggestions
  • Gain knowledge of user minds about likes and dislikes
  • Go on a trial on 2 or 3 app pages to find what works best for you
  • The benefit of getting ASO and the app market intelligence for making informed decisions
  • Good conversion optimization to skyrocket download rates

The Variety of Features in ASO Tools

Before delving into kickstarting to know about the tools, you must understand that five crucial features are available in different ASO tools. Here they are readily curated for you to avoid confusion; 

  1. App Keyword Optimization

It helps find the right keywords, keywords of ranking competitors, your app rankings corresponding to keywords, etc.

  1. Review & Sentiment Analysis 

They refine your app further to earn better reviews and ratings, helping you understand user likes and dislikes.

  1. A/B Testing 

It helps examine two or more app listing pages promoting download and conversion rates.

  1. Search Ads Optimization 

ASO tools have the necessary competitor data to automate features for the successful advertisement campaign of your app. 

  1. App Store Intelligence

It gives valuable insights into competitor trends, app market trends, and more.

How to Go about Working in an ASO? 

You are your master of using the tool; otherwise, you can use an app store optimization company to do the job for you. Doing this can help you know how the tool works and find the best company to get work done from them if your business is growing. 

But you must note that if you’re doing it yourself, you must research, test, and repeat to take the upper hand. Otherwise, the complexity of the competition lowers your app visibility.  

So here’s how the working process of the ASO works:

  • Step 1- Add user-friendly keywords for your app’s name and description
  • Step 2- Pitch in relevant screenshots and videos
  • Step 3- Get app store analytics help
  • Step 4- Add some convincing good reviews and ratings 

On the other hand, if you’re handing this to ASO companies, then this is what happens;

  • Constant monitoring to boost rankings and downloads
  • Companies themselves add target keywords, optimize app titles and descriptions, and preview videos and icon designs to create anenjoyable user experience
  • Based on accurate data, they give you insightful recommendations to compete with similar applications for your app to rank higher and stand out in the app marketplace
  • They are a digital marketing company that helps your app reach a broader audience and is profit driven

Top 10 Viral ASO Tools That You Must Try!

App store optimization tool has many features to make your app reach the target audience and is given another name as the mobile app SEO tool. So here are shortlisted some excellent ASO tools that have long-term organic visibility in most of the app stores or even in the google play store. 

  1. Apptweak 
  2. App Annie
  3. App Radar
  4. Gummicube
  5. The ASO Project
  6. StoreMaven
  7. Apptopia
  8. Mobile Action
  9. SearchMan
  10. TheTool


The app market forum is exceptionally competitive in today’s modern world. Hence app store optimization should always be out of the ordinary to gain profitable returns. 

So use these tools yourself or reach the best app store optimization company to get your business through the competition and take your business to greater heights!

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