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Beginners Guide on Having a Clean Instagram Business Page

by Team Techvilly

Instagram boasts over a billion monthly active users, less competition, and a more active audience than other heavyweights in the social media domain like Facebook and Twitter. This gives brands and businesses the chance to promote their goods to a more focused and engaged audience without spending huge amounts of money on paid advertising.

Whether your plan needs an update or you are a newbie to this social media platform, you need to have a meticulous approach to crafting a clean Instagram business profile. Therefore, we have curated a guide for businesses to follow and establish an impactful Instagram profile.

Guidelines for a Clean Instagram Business Profile

1. Showcase the Creative Side of your Business

Concentrate on the overall solution and not just on the goods or services you offer. On Instagram, you have to provide value to your consumers and look nice as you do. Never overlook that visual material is your main asset (or downfall) on this social media network.

If your company focuses on service, concentrate on showing the process behind the service. Show your corporate culture, promote your purpose with the world or just offer some ideas and skills.

There are various formats to use on Instagram – you may upload pictures, short clips (similar to GIFs, known as Boomerangs), and videos for up to a minute that are specifically crafted using an Instagram video editor such as InVideo.

Note that stories may only be produced on mobile devices and Instagram Stories can be sent directly to other users (via DMs). The usage of social media stories certainly is becoming more important and nearly every business may discover a fun and engaging method of participating!

2. Leverage all the Features Instagram has to Offer

As a business, you are undoubtedly doing a lot and offering even more solutions. Don’t get too stuck in 150 characters to fit all that. Focus on your biggest USP or next big thing – whether it’s an event, promotion, or product launch.

Since in your Bio section (immediately beneath your name), there is space for only one link that may be clicked and you should adopt the practice of updating it often. It is a pity that most companies just utilize it to connect to their website since this could do much more. Think about driving registrations, downloading apps, or even promoting events.

Instagram has also introduced its business accounts feature and sponsored advertisements section on the platform. The business profile adds a phone number to your page and provides access to comprehensive analytical data which would not be accessible otherwise unless you are set up for a business page.

3. Let your Customers Know what Happens Behind the Scenes

Customers have a natural interest as to where their goods originate from, and Instagram has the potential to demonstrate the entire lifecycle of your products.

This is particularly important for businesses selling FairTrade goods or ecologically friendly products. Source pictures that show how goods are produced – from basic material, manufacturing and distribution.

You may share anything that comes to mind – drawings, notes, and blackboards. Every company has ideas, it’s up to you to snap a nice photo and post it on Instagram. You may find it advisable to make videos of several kinds until you settle on the one that gets the audience involved.

4. Ensure the Use of Relevant Hashtags

To increase your reach, use hashtags. These may be specialized or broad campaigns – all that is essential is that they are relevant. Make sure you also establish your primary hashtag for your business and utilize it sparingly across Instagram (Twitter and LinkedIn are good too). This helps to find the material linked to you and your primary account simpler for others.

It’s recommended practice to use three to five hashtags, but you may add a maximum of 30 per Instagram post. Use your own campaign-specific hashtags with the most popular hashtags to make your material more discoverable.

You may try your hand at celebrating social media hashtag holidays. You may start by adding hashtags such as #instagood (used in over a billion posts) or #tbt (throwback on Thursday) and do not forget industry. If you’re in IT, the #IT or #tech hashtag will be all right.

5. Collaborate with and Mention Popular Influencers in your Posts

Instagram is one of the best social networks to share success stories with customers. You may donate to a charity or fundraising many times a year even if you don’t formally associate with a non-profit organization.

It’s fine as long as the cause is in line with the value and purpose of your brand. Bear in mind that not everyone monitors social media hashtags, so tagging an account is normally a better option for you to be aware of.

The deployment of the “shout out” approach is yet another method. A paid shout-out is when you collaborate with another company that has about the same amount of followers and you cross-promote each other to the audience.

The paid shoutout approach is for businesses that have a larger budget since it is basically a campaign to persuade them. Usually, it includes paying for a brand (or influencer) to promote your product or service. It’s a fantastic method to rapidly acquire a big number of new followers if you are making a compelling call for action and the audience is real.


Instagram is a strong social media tool for companies to garner exposure, improve client loyalty and boost income. It’s a great social network for devoting time and resources to millions of Instagrammers following brand profiles.

The first step is to learn how to build Instagram pages. It is straightforward and quick to convert your Instagram profile to a business page with significant additional advantages, including amazing e-commerce capabilities, free of charge.

By following these 5 beginner guidelines, you will definitely get a clean Instagram Business presence.

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