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Your ultimate guide to buy Powerbanks online

by Uneeb Khan

Imagine you are planning to go on vacation with friends and while clicking the best picture of the trip, you phone battery dies. May be that is the worst nightmare a traveller would have. The effort you have put in while buying your dream phone, trust me your research to buy right power bank will demand for more than that. Here are few points you should consider while want to buy powerbanks online.

Size of your phone’s battery and specification of phone’s charger is the two most important points that you need to consider while determining new power bank. Ideally, your power bank should be of the same size or capacity of your phone’s battery. Portable power banks are easy to carry from one place to another, and you can charge your laptop, phone, camera, and other devices with these. The portable devices are easy to use, and you do not have to plug-in or plug-out the device several times, especially if you are travelling.

Battery dying frequency is another parameter that you should keep in mind during the process of finalizing your phone’s power bank.

If you are carrying more than one device, then the number of output ports becomes necessary to consider. This will help you to charge more than one device at one go. Now you can check out the online electronics store to get an idea about what type of powerbank to choose what the capacity of the powerbank is, and how long you can charge your mobile device with the help of this powerbank.

More the better – not always

If you are looking to buy powerbanks online, then I am sure that you received various suggestions related to type of power bank. Nevertheless, the most common categories of power bank can be three main categories.

  • The usual power bank or Universal power banks are the most common type that you can find online or in store. This type of power bank charges via USB charger and once completely charged, the USB can be used to charge other device.
  • Solar charging power banks are the one with photovoltaic panels to charge itself using sunlight. The limitation of such power banks is they can work wonderfully during summers or sunny days. Now with the use of eco-friendly and green technology, there is an enhanced use of solar charging for most of your power devices. However, the solar energy should be available in large quantity to get this facility possible.
  • Wireless power banks are also an option if you like to travel wire free. Do remember to switch off your wireless charger when it is not in use to save up the unnecessary power loss.

How to treat your power bank nicely

Using power bank and making that your friend forever is something that you can control. To treat your power bank nicely you need to follow few things.

  • For the first time, charge your power bank fully as this is best way to start your journey with a power bank.
  • Try not to exhaust the device completely before you place it on charging again.
  • You might not need it every day and that is ok. However, not charging them in between two long usages is not ok. You must charge this device often even if you are not using that regularly. This will ensure you are protecting your power bank from damages.
  • Power bank do not like humidity or humid weather at all. Hence, keeping them in a dry space is the best you can do to avoid damages due to humidity.
  • Power banks also cause damages due to short-circuiting and it is threat to the user. To avoid any such unwanted situation, you should ensure not keeping it along with any metallic items like keys.
  • Power banks are handy, and they are more convenient to use for daily purposes. Along with that, you can also mitigate the amount of risk involved in travelling to any place, if you have the right power bank support with you.

No matter what power bank you choose for your phone’s battery taking good care of your power bank is the only way to increase its life span. Whenever you are not using power bank a good habit is removing the USB charger or switching off your wire free charger will ensure your power bank is staying with you for a longer time.

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