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Wonderful Attraction For Nature Lovers in Wisconsin

by Uneeb Khan

Since the pandemic, the lifestyle across the world has changed a lot, especially in the USA. Work from home, online retail, food deliveries, virtual meetings, etc, have restricted people to their homes. Those who love to stay indoors may be enjoying the new lifestyle to their fullest but for wanderers and nature lovers it could not be more suffocating. Although the recent development such as work-from-home or hybrid jobs in the job markets and businesses one way or another have contributed to liberating people from fixed schedules, yet when it comes to going for a vacation, the majority is still finding it hard due to connectivity issues, various technical limitations, and commitments.

Gone are the days, when businesses and jobs included frequent traveling. Companies used to take their employees on trips and tours at least once or twice a year supporting them to fulfill their travel needs without affecting their full-time job. The situation is turning very rapidly because the away-from-office or work-from-home job modes are gaining a lot of popularity. Companies now hire employees from the farthest part of the world and businesses nowadays barely need any physical interaction.

If you are a nature lover and going through the same situation, it is obvious to feel that your bond with nature is weakening. However, if you can manage to take a few days off to plan a vacation for yourself, we have a list of some wonderful travel attractions in Wisconsin along with some of the best luxury resorts in USA that will surely help you to connect with nature again.

Cave of the Mounds

Cave of the Mounds is listed as a National Natural Landmark of the USA. It is located near Blue Mound, Wisconsin, USA, and is one of the major natural attractions of Blue Mound, Wisconsin.  Every year more than 100,000 visitors come to see this natural jewel. The cave is said to be more than a thousand years old but it was hidden until some quarry workers extracting limestones from a quarry discovered it in 1939. Although the cave itself is an extremely fascinating location, the camping spots such as Brigham County Park, Blue Mound State Park, and the super luxury resorts; House on the Rock Inn, and Deer Valley Lodge in its surroundings are great value additions for nature lovers.

Horicon Marsh

Horicon Marsh is called heaven for bird lovers as it is the biggest freshwater cattail in the United States. Located in southeast Wisconsin, It is the main layover for many migrating birds, particularly aquatic birds. People visit Marsh to see various birds and animal species that arrive in hundreds of thousands every fall. If you are looking for a unique natural destination with some great resorts nearby, Horicon Marsh is an ideal place for your vacation. There are various small-scale but fantastic resorts in the vicinity, however, you can find some ultra-luxury and famous resorts within a reasonable distance like The Osthoff Resort, Blue Harbor Resort, and Bayview Resort.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Located in Bayfield County, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is a phenomenal location for nature lovers, it is a collection of around 21 amazing Apostle Islands. Apostle Islands are among the declared top places to visit around the world by many famous travel magazines. For people who are into hiking, camping, or boating the Apostle Islands are just the right place for them. For explorers, the archipelago has a lot of adventures to offer.  In winter you can explore the sea caves, beaches, cliffs, and frozen waterfalls. While In summer the beauty of islands can be discovered on boats and cruises along with activities like camping and scuba diving. For the stay, you will find some of the best luxury vacation resorts in USA nearby the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore such as;  Staudemeyer’s Four Seasons Resort, Lakewoods Resort, and Apostle Islands Area Campground.

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