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Why Is My Dogs Anus Turning Black?

by Team Techvilly

If you’ve recently observed it, you may be wondering: “why is my dog’s anus turning black?” The alarm you are hearing is legitimate There are a variety of reasons for this to happen but none of them is beneficial for your dog.

Pets are the preferred option when people are considering having pets. If you own an animal in your home it is important to take care of the animal exactly like a child.

Most pet owners are more inclined to bring home puppies, and when your puppy begins to grow into a mature dog, you might observe certain changes that are unusual to your pet. One of these strange things that dog owners are prone to notice is that when their pet grows in size, the anus of their pet begins to turn black.

Do Dogs Give Birth From Their Bum:

It is possible that you will notice the black spot on the anus of your dog after the pups have been born. This could lead you to believe that the anus’s darkening is connected to birth and pregnancy but the birth of puppies has nothing to do with the dark spot that develops within and around the anus.

The body of a dog closely resembles that of humans and puppies are born via the vagina, not through their bum. However, since the female dog’s vagina, as well as bum, are near each other, it may lead you to believe they’re delivering their babies via their bum.

Why Has My Dog’s Bum Changed Colour?

When your puppy begins growing, the color of your dog’s bum of your dog could begin to change. While we’re discussing the black-colored appearance of the anus inside the body of your dog It is also important to be aware that the color of your dog’s bum could alter other colors, such as deep browns, dark reddish pinks, et, etc.

Before we discuss why your dog’s anus has turned black, we’ll look at the reasons behind the color change of the dog’s bum.

Diseases Related to Anal Sac:

In the event that the thecal sac is blocked or bacterial infection occurs on any of the sides of the anus, your dog could have issues when sitting. A yellowish liquid with an unpleasant odor will flow from the sac. The fluid may cling around the bum and cause your dog’s belly to appear like it’s yellow.

Perianal FIstula:

At the age of 7, your dog may be diagnosed with a perianal fistula which is characterized by a number of wounds around the bum.

A foul odor can also emanate from the wounds. Not just in the bum area, but these injuries can spread to the rectum and anus. All of the wounds and lesions could make the dog’s bum appear as reddish.

Perianal Tumors:

As tissues grow around the anal region The increase in the number of tissues can result in the growth of perianal cancers. Similar to other types of tumors, the tumors within this area could be of two kinds: mild, non-invasive, or malignant, which could be dangerous.

Female dogs tend to be more vulnerable to developing tumors. The tumor that forms around the anus may pull the skin out of its fur. You may notice the appearance of discoloration on your dog’s bum due to this.

Rectal Prolapse:

Rectal prolapse refers to the condition that causes more tissues to form in the rectum area. The excess tissue creates a unison and causes discoloration around the bump. We will go over rectal prolapse in greater detail in the next section.

Why is My Dog’s Anus Turning Black?

It could be a symptom or a sign of rectal prolapse.

It’s time to discuss the reason why your dog is becoming black. This is a serious problem and could indicate other severe health problems. Rectal prolapse, which is also known as anal prolapse, is the cause of this anus to darken.

Partial Prolapse:

Partial prolapse is a condition where only a small portion of the dog’s rectum appears during toileting and peeing. The tissues return to their normal positions.

Complete Prolapse:

It is noticeable every day, unlike when you have partial prolapse in which the tissues extend out only when peeing and the poop. Another distinction is the fact that tissues do not back inside the anus in any circumstance.

At first, the tissue that comes from the anus appears red. The swelling of the anus will cause it to be filled with fluid. If the prolapse isn’t one-sided, the condition will continue to persist until the point that your dog will need to confront the problem of prolapse completely.

After the prolapse is complete after prolapse, the tissues of the rectum and the anus will become dry over time. The complete prolapse of the anus can make the anus darker, and from the outside, it appears as if the dog’s anus is becoming dark black or blue.


Anal or rectal prolapse may cause this dark coloration on the dog’s anus. however, what is the cause of the prolapse of tissue in the dog’s body? The main cause is:

Diarrhea can cause pressure while you poo.

Constipation can lead to issues within the digestive tract of your pet.

Infections with parasites.

An intestinal tract infection is linked to the kidney system of the dog’s body.

Natural Change of Color

The reason we will discuss today isn’t directly related to the health of the dog However, it may cause you to believe it is because the anus on your dog is turning black and this is the reason for the change in color of the fur of your pet.

If the fur on the anus becomes dark black that was not as dark when it was born, it may make you believe like an owner who thinks it’s an extreme health problem that your dog is suffering with. In reality, there’s nothing to worry about since this is completely normal.

Why is My Dog’s, Butt Black?

You are aware that the root cause of the changing color of your dog’s bum and in certain instances there may be black bums within the body of your dog. Rectal prolapse or anal prolapse infection that causes the anus to turn black within your pet may also extend beyond the anus.

If the infection expands to the area of the bum and blood is not getting to that area due to prolapse could make your dog’s tummy appear black. In addition in the event that you fail to take care to clean your dog properly and don’t bathe them for a lengthy time, dirt will begin accumulating in that area and the butt of your dog will begin appearing filthy, and black.

Final Last Words

To determine if the anus of your pet is becoming too black, or not, you need to be extremely vigilant. If you see something like this happening to your dog’s body let it go untreated because it could be an indication of some of the deadly diseases that are seen in dogs. Bring your animal to the closest vet clinic to receive the appropriate treatment.

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