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Why Choose React for Mobile App Development

by Team Techvilly

Three reasons why you should choose React as your mobile app development framework include the fact that it’s in-demand, easy to learn, and easy to maintain. Here’s more on why React has become so popular with mobile app developers and how it compares to other popular frameworks like Angular and NativeScript.

Easy to Learn

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If you’re starting out with mobile app development, React Native is a great option because it’s easy to learn. You can use JavaScript to create React Native apps, so if you’re already familiar with the language, you’ll be able to get up and running quickly. Additionally, there are a lot of resources available to help you learn React Native. There are many tutorials on YouTube, as well as blogs and websites that have tutorials on how to build different types of apps in React Native. The documentation for both React Native and Facebook provides detailed instructions about how to build an app from start to finish.

Mature Community

The React community is large and growing every day. This means that there are always people around to help with development, whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned pro. With such a large community, it’s also easy to find resources and tutorials when you need them. That’s not the case with many other technologies like Ember or Angular.
-Agnostic Framework: Unlike Angular, which needs knowledge of HTML and Javascript, React can be used without any prior knowledge of these languages.
-Lightweight: React is lightweight and simple which makes it perfect for mobile app development because loading times are quicker on mobile devices than on desktops.

Good Support

If you’re looking for a mobile app development framework with good support, React is a great option. The React community is large and active, so you can find help and advice when you need it. In addition, the React team is always working on improvements and new features, so you can be confident that your app will stay up-to-date. One downside to React is that there’s no pre-built navigation library or routing system. You’ll have to create these components yourself or use an external package like react-router.


React is popular because it makes building user interfaces simpler and more predictable. When you break a UI down into small pieces, each piece can be built independently, which makes development faster and easier to debug. React is also popular because it works well with other libraries, so if you’re already using something like jQuery in your app, you can still use React.

Reactive Nature

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React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is declarative, efficient, and flexible. With its unidirectional data flow, it helps to avoid nested callbacks and asynchrony bugs in your code. Furthermore, the unidirectional data flow simplifies state management in large applications by using Redux. Additionally, React provides an excellent developer experience with hot reloading which reduces wasted time during development when you want to see changes without having to restart the application every time you make a change!

Developer Experience

React has a great developer experience. The tooling is fantastic, the community is large and active, and there are many resources available to help you get started. React is also a great choice for mobile app development because it offers high performance, is easy to learn, and can be used with other frameworks.

Extensible and Modular Architecture

React has a great extensible and modular architecture. This makes it easy for React Native development company to add new features and functionality to their apps. Additionally, React’s modularity allows developers to reuse code, which saves time and money.

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