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Why Are My MacBook Pro Speakers So Quiet

by Team Techvilly
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MacBooks are well-known for their outstanding speakers. However, your MacBook Pro speakers are very quiet. This can be annoying, so I’ll show how to make them more loud.

Your MacBook speaker volume settings may be too low. This could indicate that your speakers are damaged or that your Mac needs to be updated. You can fix all issues by returning to the original sound settings.

Don’t go anywhere. Continue reading to find out how to make your MacBook’s speakers sound louder or better and how to reset it.

Why Are My MacBook Pro Speakers So Quiet

Your MacBook’s volume settings may have changed. You may also have altered other sound settings. Most problems can be solved easily by restoring the original settings.


1. Check the Volume First

It is easy to verify that the volume was not being turned down by anyone else. To turn up the volume, tap on the F12 button in your MacBook. If the volume is set incorrectly, it should increase.

2. You want your sound to work well

Make sure your speaker works properly. To check if your speakers work, you can touch the earphone jack on the side of your MacBook. If there is no sound, then it is likely that something is wrong elsewhere.

The problem could be caused by broken speakers or software problems. To determine if your speakers aren’t producing sound, you should test the software.

3. Check Your Hardware

Shorts can be caused by external speakers. This is especially true if you have multiple speakers and need to switch between them frequently.

Try unplugging your speakers from the jacks, then plugging them back in. The sound quality should not be affected by this.

To see if the volume rises, you can move the wire between the ends of the media while it is playing. If it does, the speaker wire is short. If it does not, we can proceed to the next step.

4. Are there any other applications that can override volume settings in the same way?

Spotify is a great music streaming app. The slider is set to MAX. However, the song might play at a lower volume and/or very quietly. Press + Space Bar to open System Preferences.

Next, click Sound. Next, click Sound. Start Spotify again and see if your music is improved. This means that Spotify might have overridden your volume setting.

Spotify offers a Sharing setting. You can disable sharing music you don’t like.

5. Verify that your MacBook’s hardware is up-to-date

You should ensure that you are using the latest software. Open the App Store and click on the Updates tab.

Once you have completed the software update, search online for information on hardware updates. This is a simple task that many people forget. Note: Software updates can take time so ensure you have Wi Fi or an internet connection.

6. Software problems?

Are you modifying your MacBook? Have you made any modifications to your MacBook? This could be the root cause of your sound problems. An update to the App Store can affect volume levels.

If you haven’t manually installed software or apps or restored your Mac, this could be the reason for your problem.

7. Restore your MacBook to Factory Settings

To test for software problems, it is possible to return your Mac to factory settings. Press the + R key combination to open the Recovery Mode. Follow the screen instructions to restore factory settings.

8. Restart the Sound Controller

If you haven’t restarted your system in a while, it may be necessary to do so again. These steps will help you do it:

Click on “Applications” in the Apple menu. Next, click on “Utilities”. Next, click on ‘Utilities.’

You should be able find it quickly by entering “coreaudiod” into the search box. This is your core sound driver.

Click the “X” button to close coreaudiod. To ensure your sound quality is restored, you can check whether the driver was restarted immediately.

9. Run Maintenance Scripts

These programs can be used to clear clutter from the MacBook and improve performance. If the sound does not work, these programs may be helpful. There are many maintenance scripts available that can be used by Mac programs.

It is important to select the one that best suits your operating system. Before you start anything, make sure you have the right files downloaded for your operating system.

I used CCleaner to clear out unnecessary files and optimize my MacBook’s space. The best setup is for you.


We will be discussing the most common solutions for sound problems on MacBooks. Contact MacBook support after you have eliminated loose connections and OS-overriding apps.

You might find a solution for your specific model or a new driver that will help you get up to speed quickly.

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