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When Should We Invest In Stock Market and Why?

by Darshan Fame
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One of the burning questions of stock trading is the best time to buy or sell financial assets. It is necessary to invest in the stock market at the right time to minimise the risks and increase the chances of profit. 

When to Invest In the Stock Market

An important aspect to invest in the stock market at the right time is economic conditions. At present there are various underlying reasons supporting the Indian economy and creating investment opportunities:

  • Favourable Economic Conditions in India

The market may hit several all-time highs in 2023. Experts are seeing it as another milestone in which the index will naturally keep growing. The NIFTY50 index has scaled another new peak and may excite most individuals. Amid the contraction in global stock markets, the Indian market has put on an anticipated stellar performance with greater resilience against global events, like Ukraine and Russia, increased oil prices, etc. Therefore, individuals may find it the right time to invest in the stock market.

  • Indian Corporate Sector with Strong Balance Sheets

The corporate sector is witnessing stronger balance sheets than ever. They have successfully reduced the debt, and there is a surge in cash reserves. Therefore, it is the supporting time for corporates, and investors can take advantage of upcoming IPOs.The infrastructure sector and green energy sector are also expected to boom with the government’s support.

Why One Should Consider Stock Market Investments

1. Opportunity for High Returns

Stock investing brings opportunities to earn significantly high returns. Stock returns benefit investors with a compounding effect. Their capital can be increased significantly in the long run and help to create wealth to attain their financial goals. If one holds investments in stocks of fundamentally strong companies for a long period, it can be favourable for financial health in future. 

2. Broad Diversification Opportunity

Diversification is one of the basic strategies to be followed by every stock investor. Stock markets offer various assets to create a well-diversified portfolio, like mutual funds, bonds, shares, futures and options, exchange-traded funds, sovereign bonds, government bonds, etc. A good mix of assets in appropriate proportion can reduce the risk involved in the stock market. If one security in the investment portfolio declines, the other one can balance the returns. There are renowned discount brokers who have partnered with brokers in the US and allow convenient investing in the US market for diversification across geographies.

3. The Simple and Flexible Way to Employ Funds

Stock investments are flexible as they do not have a lock-in period or a fixed investment amount. One can buy stocks at any time with any small amount. The way to invest in the stock market is convenient by using demat and trading accounts. Individuals can invest in stocks by following a disciplined approach and researching about a stock well. Individuals can do it by themselves or seek a stockbroker’s guidance. Using a stockbroker’s trading app or platform, they can buy even one share. Depending on their knowledge, they can engage in intraday trading.

4. Winner Against Inflation

Inflation-adjusted returns are one the elements that make most investors invest in the stock market. Inflation increases the price levels in an economy with time which reduces the value of your invested funds in an instrument. Fixed-income instrument returns may not be able to provide inflation-adjusted returns. On the other hand, returns from stock investments are moderately higher and inflation-adjusted. If one invests in the stock market for the long term, it can help them to win the race.

.Thus, investors can approach the stock market in the current rising market scenario with the right approach and right mindset. It is good to believe in quality stocks and make investments after understanding sectoral importance in the economy.

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