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What Makes Shopify Good for SEO?

by Team Techvilly

One of the most common questions regarding the different eCommerce platforms is which one is best for SEO.

Well, unfortunately answering that question is not easy because much of what constitutes SEO has nothing to do with the platform itself.

SEO refers more to marketing actions than it does to the structure of an eCommerce platform. 

For instance, a Shopify SEO services provider could take a terribly optimized website and turn it around. No platform is optimized out of the gate. 

However, this is what Shopify does offer.

● Shopify automatically generates an XML sitemap. 
An XML sitemap is a central fixture of technical SEO that makes it easier for web crawlers to index an online store’s pages. Shopify automatically generates one and submits it for you.

● Implementing 301 redirects is easy at the page level. 
Leaving broken links on your website can harm a website’s technical SEO by damaging the customer experience and confusing web crawlers. 

Shopify makes it easy to implement 301 redirects at the page level, which helps prevent 404 errors that are harmful to SEO.

● Shopify is compatible with a wide range of apps (including apps that boost SEO).
Shopify’s relatively open API makes it easy to integrate a wide range of critical 3rd-party apps and tools, including many apps that can be used to boost SEO.
For instance, Shopify is compatible with AVADA SEO, SEO Manager, and SEO Expert Pro, among others.

● Page-level features are easy to optimize. 
At the page level, Shopify website administrators (or Shopify SEO agencies) can adjust title tags, meta data, page copy, and much more, all of which are potent ranking signals that can make a website page appear higher in the search results (when properly optimized).

● Shopify automatically generates a Robots.txt file.
A website’s Robots.txt file tells Google’s web crawlers which pages it should and should not index. 

Most online entrepreneurs should never have to worry about generating a Robots.txt file because Shopify does it for you – though the file can easily be configured if need be. 

● The Shopify platform enables the creation of mobile-friendly pages. 
Google has been mobile-first indexing since July 2019, which was over 3 years ago at this point. Still, a mobile-friendly website is critical to SEO as well as to UX, since more shoppers are mobile shoppers.

Shopify, both the platform itself and the many themes that are available for it, is highly mobile-friendly. 

● Shopify site speeds are typically very fast. 
Since Shopify is a SaaS (software as a service) platform model, with the price of your subscription comes hosting. This means that Shopify will manage its own data center. 

For customers, this means they don’t need to worry (for the most part) about security, updates, bugs, and most importantly, speed. 

Speed is a ranking factor that also impacts the user experience, and Shopify gets high marks for delivering particularly fast websites.

Can Professional Shopify SEO Services Help You Reach New Clients? 
Shopify SEO services, professionally administered, can make a huge difference in the SEO of a Shopify store.

Consider, for instance, that backlink profile and content are two major ranking factors. Neither of these is “built into” Shopify. Keyword research must be performed, content must be written, and backlinks must be sown.

These are some of the things that Shopify SEO experts can optimize for eCommerce businesses built on Shopify. 

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