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What are VSCO girls?

by Team Techvilly

A new trend within the influencer community is the aesthetic known as VSCO girl, which has become increasingly popular. Here we will cover what is VSCO and what is VSCO girl.

Read on and find out all about them, including seeing if you want to stick with this aesthetic!

What is VSCO?

Before getting positively on what led you to this article, what a VSCO girl is, we will give you a rough explanation of what VSCO is, the app that brought this new craze to life.

VSCO is a killer app from 2012, originally under the name VSCO Cam solely for taking and sharing photos. It is an app of the Visual Supply Company, founded in 2011 by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze in California.

Since then, the app has earned the position of one of the best photo and social media apps thanks to its many photo printing tools and numerous filters.

Its main goal, according to its creators, is to go beyond a simple image editor and social network, a creative channel based on the self-expression of its users.

It finally established itself as a social media app in 2019 when VSCO acquired a video printing company, Rylo, which was founded by another Instagram developer Hyperlapse. Currently, it has more than 2 million subscribers around the world.

And what are VSCO girls?

Despite originally appearing on the VSCO app, VSCO girls are a trend that has spread to other major social networks like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

They are part of a style that has become very popular with young social media influencers, following a more substantive style, with the intention of appearing more accessible and relaxed.

It is a term that has become very popular, very quickly on the networks, arousing the curiosity of users. It’s a term that became very popular, especially at the end of last year, and the search volume has stabilized ever since.

Very simple and straightforward: being a VSCO Girl means adding a “basic”, almost bland aesthetic. I’m not kidding, this once ugly aesthetic has become especially popular today.

How were they born?

As mentioned, they were initially on the VSCO app, a recommended photo printing app for anyone wishing to take professional photos with their mobile that has caught on thanks to its awesome set of filters.

From the community itself, the girls who shared their photos with you, with seemingly spontaneous poses and highly appreciated filters, had the VSCO girls weeded out.

On TikTok, they compete with electronic girls, known as the new emo craze, and soft girls, who adhere to a softer, pastel-colored aesthetic. Consult our helmsman for more information on this aesthetic.

What is the main aesthetic of VSCO girls?

To be a VSCO girl you need to adhere to a relatively specific and slightly limiting aesthetic, with some tools almost always featured in every photo.


VSCO girls generally wear oversized shirts, often long enough to cover their shorts. Although they are best known for their designer shorts, many stick to high-waisted jeans as part of their style.

Among the most popular shoes for a VSCO student are the brands Crocs, Birkenstocks, Vans, Adidas and Nike. Crocs are heavily decorated and checkered Vans are quite common to see. Many of the styles have been popularized by the nasty sneaker craze.


Common accessories include Scrunchies on both the sponge and wrists, as well as handmade shell bracelets and necklaces, all handmade products.

Metal bottles of the “Hydro Flask” brand are often found to accompany a VSCO girl, often with sticky embellishments and reusable spouts.


An important fact for VSCO girls is the use of the same brands, which include Pura Vida, Hydro Flask, Nike, Adidas and the like. Most of them have had a strong increase in sales.

So, did you like our explanation of what a VSCO girl is?

Leave it in the comments if you were already familiar with this trend or if it was new to you. Also learn how to turn photos into cartoons, learn how to recover photos, turn photos into cartoons, and find out which apps are the best for removing background images.

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