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What Are the Right Ways to Safely Wash Hoodies at Home?

by Uneeb Khan
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Hoodies are one of the staple items in our wardrobe for almost all seasons. It is one of the effortless streetwear when you do not feel like dressing up. Hoodies are evergreen clothing pieces, but they are most effective during the cold seasons. Your whole body can feel the warmth as soon as you pull a hoodie over your head. We do not doubt that no clothing item can match the comfort quotient that hoodies provide. It does not regularly happen that you find yourself a hoodie that is both versatile and comfy. So, if you get a soft and fluffy hoodie, you better protect it from shrinking and fading.

Hoodies are durable and last for a long time. But for this, you should ensure that you take care of them properly. Many clothing trends come and go, but hoodies have maintained their position. You can find many outlets to buy online hoodies in Pakistan and other countries. The trick is to get the measurements and fabric right. Hoodies are an item of regular use, which is why they can fade and lose their shine. Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing your favorite hoodie shrink and fade away. But by following some washing tips, you can keep your hoodie soft and fluffy for a long time.

A step-by-step guide for washing hoodies at home:       

Hoodies are one of the tricked clothing items to wash. These soft and snug clothing items are also low-maintenance. The prints all over your hoodie can often fade away. Sometimes, your hoodies also lose their shape because of washing. On top of that, the strings from your hoodies can also fall out if you are not careful enough while cleaning them. Even though you can wash the hoodies by hand or in your washing machine, all you need is to follow some basic rules. To prevent all of the above problems from happening, you need to take proper care of your hoodies. 

You will need to wash them properly to ensure your hoodies or sweatshirts remain in their best condition. Your minor mistake can make your favorite hoodie lose its shape and appearance. With a few tips, you can increase the lifespan of your hoodies and sweats. During winter, our laundry basket piles up a lot faster. You will need to learn how to wash your hoodies and keep them safe and cozy. Read below how you can wash your hoodies if you do not want them to lose their fluff and shape.  

How often should you wash your hoodies?

A general rule of thumb for washing hoodies is after five or six wears. Frequently washing the clothes can fade their color. When you regularly scrub the hoodies, the threads may break or tangle up. But if that is not the case and you wear them to work and it often becomes dirty, then you should wash them after every wear. One of the perks of having a hoodie is that you do not need to wash them often. 

Check the label of hoodies:       

Generally, 100% cotton or cotton-blended hoodies are safe to wash in machines and by hand. On the other hand, wool fabric is not as tough as cotton. That is why it is not advisable to wash wool hoodies in the washing machine. The label will most likely tell us if you can clean the hoodie in the washing machine or not. Try to wash the same clothes in the same washing cycle. So do not forget to wash clothes of the same color. You also need to separate colors from light to dark.

Turn the hoodies upside down:       

First, make sure you zip up any zippers of the hoodie. It will prevent your hoodie from getting snagged on the other clothing items. If you have a drawstring, you must tie it up to not let it slip away. After that, turn your hoodie upside down. Doing so will protect the upper layer of the hoodie.  

Wash in cold water:       

The cold water helps you protect the clothing items from fading and shrinking. The cold water can also reduce any chances of wrinkling the clothes. That is why it is best to use cold water and save some time with ironing. Make sure you use the gentle wash cycle if washing the hoodie in the washing machine. You should also use cold water while washing by hand. Take a container and fill it with water. Pour the washing powder and soak your hoodie for almost twenty minutes. After that, take the hoodie, and rinse it with new and clean water.   

The selection of detergent:  

The choice of detergent also helps you extend the life of your hoodie. To protect the fabric of your hoodie, you should consider using mild detergent. Milk detergents are best for delicate clothes. It will not fade the color of the hoodie or make them lose shape. Moreover, you can try using vinegar to help keep the fabric soft. Adding vinegar to the milk detergent will protect your hoodie from fading away.   

Air dry your hoodie:

The worst mistake you can commit is drying your hoodie in the machine. It is better to let your hoodie air dry and save it from wrinkles. Using a dryer to dry clothes can make them shrink over time. So, the best way to dry your hoodie is by placing it over a towel. Let it sit over the towel overnight. This way, you do not have to iron it. 

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