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What are the purchase costs for a home?

by Uneeb Khan

Before you buy a home, it is good to set a dhafileshub in certain budget . Keep in mind that the purchase of your new house or apartment should not consume your entire budget. The total cost of buying a home is often much higher than you think if you don’t do your research. There are also many other additional costs involved when purchasing a property. We are happy to list them for you.

1. The registration fees

With every registration of a deed you have to pay taxes in Belgium , the registration fees . The amount of these additional of dhafileshub purchase costs depends on the region of your home . For an existing house, these taxes have been 3% of the sales price in Flanders since 1 January 2022 and 12.5% ​​in Brussels and Wallonia. Are you buying a new construction or a house that is still under construction? Then you can ask to have the sale fall under the VAT obligation. That way you only pay registration fees on the land and VAT on the house. Registration fees are always paid through the notary .

2. Notary fees when purchasing a home

The notary plays an important role in the purchase of a house He ensures that a number of administrative formalities are taken care of. There are also a number of costs involved.

The deed costs

To draw up a deed of purchase, the notary has to look up various things and request certain documents: soil certificate, urban planning research, etc. The costs of this are passed on to the buyer. There are no fixed amounts for this. The costs are determined by the complexity of the dhafileshub and the rates in the region.

The notary’s fee

The fee is the amount that a civil-law notary charges for drawing up the deed and supervising the purchase dhafileshub of the home. The fee was laid down in a Royal Decree by means of calculation brackets. The amount of the fee is degressive: the higher the bracket within which the purchase price falls, the lower the percentage that the civil-law notary can charge as fee. Also keep in mind that on top of the fee, a VAT of 21% must be paid. 

The costs associated with a mortgage loan

Anyone who buys a house almost always goes to the bank for a mortgage loan . This loan must be registered by a notarial deed , which also involves some costs.

3. The property tax

The property tax, better known as the ‘cadastre’, is an annual tax that you have to pay as the owner of a home. Based on the nature of the property you own and the composition of your family, a fictitious rental value is assigned to your house, the cadastral income . The property tax for your house is then calculated on the basis of this cadastral income.

4. Miscellaneous, variable costs

In addition to these general additional costs when purchasing a home , there are a number of variable costs that you should take into account when drawing up your budget.

  • Insurance costs: outstanding balance insurance , fire insurance , …
  • Moving costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Costs associated with co-ownership (when purchasing an apartment)
  • Fixed costs

All these extra purchase costs for your home are important to know, so that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises.

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