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Top Froze River Treks : Chadar trek in India

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Chadar Ice River Trek details:

Ladakh is home to many beautiful nature, but the Chadar Trek is the most priceless gift given to this enchanted land. The journey is all about perseverance and survival – learning to endure the harsh environments in below-freezing temperatures, interacting with the locals, and comprehension their way of life, — particularly in one of the most habitation areas of the world, whilst also you trek across a spectacular gorge to frozen cascades on the iced trail of Zanskar spread out like a “Chadar” that acts as a reflector for the sky!

It is the “Try before you die” experience because of the primal exhilaration of sleeping in cave systems, thinking over scorching bonfires in icy temperatures with a constant sense of danger, and surviving it all.

How to Get to Leh

Leh can be reached most easily by plane. Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport (IXL), which is in Leh, is the closest airport. A lot of Singapore’s international airports, including Delhi, are linked to this airport. Additionally, it obtains airfares from popular Indian locations like Chandigarh, Jammu, and Srinagar.

Chadar Trek Package Included in 2023:

Two nights in a house and two nights camping at a Leh guest house are included in the four-night lodging package.

Camping and vegan food meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the trek. From brunch on day 4 to a festive dinner since day 8 in Leh.

We think that toughening it doesn’t necessarily mean falling asleep in stinky sleeping bags, sacrificing safety by using subpar gear, and eating tasteless food. While camping, our main concerns are your security, the necessities, and the environment.

Anyone can get hurt while on an adventure, so carry first aid supplies and an oxygen metre 

Trekkers will be assisted by trained and knowledgeable trek leaders, guides, and support staff.

Porter five for popular equipment (such as food, tents, utensils, and groceries)

the option of departing for the Chadar Frozen River Trek with additional luggage that can be stored in Leh.

Palm Supporting Staff for the group, including numerous guides and helpers. This will guarantee the high level of safety, precise information, and individualised care required for this trek. You will be in the care of knowledgeable and experienced trek rulers, guidebooks, and support personnel who have had many years of experience.

For the first five treks in the group, there is an option to choose an alternative experience called “Flavour of Ladakh” on a first- arrive first grounds. The option is available from Day 1 to Day 4’s morning.

In light of this, the very next gear is offered on the trek:

sleep sacks ( Multi-layered Sleeping bags capable of upto -25 Degree )

Proper sleep tents to protect against the cold.

Good sheeting is provided by thick campers beds between ones body and the chilly ground.

Kitchen tents with appropriate restaurant settings, allowing you to eat quietly.

Restroom tents were set up at the campground.

Guidelines for the Chadar Trek

Chadar Ice River Trek Do’s and Don’ts

Planning for an extra day will allow for any unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather, tower damage, flight delays, or accidents.

Before embarking on this trek, it only should let their family know so that they can support them in case of an emergency.

Please bring the necessary meds and a first aid supplies in particular instance you sustain any cuts or bruises because there won’t be any dispensaries along the Chadar River Trek.

Follow the directions given by trek ruler or trainer to ensure a secure and enjoyable trek.

Trekking the Chadar Frozen River: Don’ts

Because you’ll hiking in an environmentally friendly area, take care not to leave any trash behind and bring any leftovers with you.

You might have trouble moving in flowing or frilly garments. It is best to stay away from this kind of clothing.

Avoid wearing sports or sneakers because their traction just on wintry surface may be compromised.

It is not advisable to pinpoint when passing by monks or even other locals because they might become offended.

Before you embark on the Chadar Trek in Ladakh, read this.

The price noted above varies based on the date and it is only good for those dates.

Trekking at night is extremely risky and may result in undesirable events.

Maintaining the tranquilly of the environs is everyone’s duty who hikes. Therefore, one shouldn’t leave trash around and detract from the beauty.

When not on the trek, attempt not to bother or disturb the locals.

Any expenditures resulting from unforeseeable events, such as landslides, roadblocks, inclement weather, health costs, etc.

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