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Things To Consider About Ayurvedic Cosmetic Products

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Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal healing system, which means it’s not just a fad. But because it’s still new to most of the Western world, we wanted to share some things you should know before adding any Ayurvedic cosmetic products to your routine. Private label herbal products in India Ayurvedic cosmetic products are not drugstore products and are supposed to be natural and safe, but they should not be taken lightly. Please consult with your doctor before starting any treatment using ayurvedic cosmetics.

You should avoid Ayurveda when experiencing heart problems or anxiety; you may need to consult with a doctor before opting for Ayurveda therapeutic facial oils and creams.

For those who are unfamiliar with Ayurveda, it is an ancient Indian medicine that has been practised for over 5,000 years. The practice is based on the balance (or imbalance) of three doshas in the body: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each of these doshas works together to create optimal health.

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Ayurveda is an all-encompassing practice that looks at the whole person and how their environment, diet, thoughts and emotions affect their health. It views the body as a holistic system. Our skin is no exception to this.

There are many different Ayurvedic cosmetic products on the market today. And even though they may be safe and effective, there are still many things you should consider before buying them. Here are a few things to consider before using any Ayurvedic cosmetic products.

Look for ingredients you recognize

Just because it says, “natural” or “herbal” on the bottle doesn’t mean it is safe. For example, most herbal hair and skin products contain rich essential oils like rosemary and lavender, which can irritate the skin (especially the scalp). Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and what you put on it gets absorbed into your system. It is best to stick to products that contain ingredients you recognize.

Make sure you can pronounce the ingredients

While looking for natural ingredients, make sure you can pronounce them. If you’re having trouble pronouncing something, it is not something your body will process adequately. And proceed with caution if you find any words or ingredients you do not recognize. For example, don’t assume that it is necessarily safe just because a chemical is derived from plant matter.

Look for ingredients that are proven to have the best results

This means reading through product reviews on sites like UlzzangBeauty.com or other credible review sites to see what ingredients are recommended by the reviewers. If you already know of a particular element that has benefited your skin, check out our ingredient database to see if it’s available as an Ayurvedic cosmetic product.

If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test first

Sensitive skin types should always patch test any new products to ensure no adverse reaction. This is especially true for Ayurvedic cosmetic products since many ingredients are natural and may be foreign to your body’s chemistry.

Look for reliable sources when buying Ayurvedic cosmetic products online

Always check where your product is being shipped from. This will assure you that the products you purchase come straight from a reliable source. It is also essential to look at the reviews. If the retailer is selling harmful effects, the reviews will reflect that.

Choose Ayurvedic cosmetic products with natural ingredients

While many chemicals and preservatives in our everyday beauty products have been deemed safe, they may not be entirely harmless when used over time. Natural ingredients can be just as effective and sometimes even more so. They are also much safer for sensitive skin types.

Avoid products that contain alcohol or have been tested on animals

Many Ayurvedic cosmetic products contain animal by-products. They can include things such as honey, beeswax, carmine and gelatin. Products that have been tested on animals are not considered vegan friendly.

Look for active ingredients

When looking for a product, make sure you research the ingredients to see if they are active or not. If you’re interested in a herbal product, look at the company’s ingredient list to find exactly what’s in it. Sometimes these products will hide inactive ingredients in other parts of their mix to keep costs down, so be cautious about products that don’t have an active ingredient listed.

Avoid products that contain harsh chemicals

Make sure you look at the product’s ingredient list to see if there are any harsh chemicals in the mix. Some products may contain an agent called PEG (polyethene glycol), derived from petroleum and a skin irritant.

Choose body or face products for your skin type

The most important thing to consider when buying these kinds of products is your skin type. There are many different Ayurvedic cosmetic products on the market today, and depending on your skin type, you will be able to find something that is a good fit for you. For example, products for dry skin types should contain ingredients such as petroleum, sodium lactate and glucose. On the other hand, products for oily skin types may contain ingredients such as glycerin, lanolin and water.

Take care of your skin with a moisturizer before applying any other product

In addition to using an Ayurvedic cosmetic product, you should also ensure to moisturize your skin thoroughly. Products that contain oil can make your skin more susceptible to damage and need a little extra after application.

Avoid products that have been discontinued

It is always a good idea to stay on the lookout for products that have been discontinued. This allows you to take advantage of sales to save some money.

Avoid products that contain alcohol or have been tested on animals

There are many Ayurvedic cosmetic products that contain animal by-products. They can include things such as honey, beeswax, carmine and gelatin. Products that have been tested on animals are not considered vegan-friendly.

Look for non-nano, nonbinding ingredients when possible

Just because a product has a large amount of an ingredient, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. According to the Environmental Working Group, non-nano refers to the size of the ingredients that are in your product. They are designed so that they won’t enter your body or get absorbed into your skin. Nonbinding means that they won’t bind to DNA and cell membranes. When you read an ingredient list, these words will usually appear together in one form or another.


Parabens are toxic and can cause damage to your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a detergent that has been shown to irritate certain people’s skin. Parabens are usually found in things like makeup, moisturizers and perfumes, while sodium lauryl sulfate is found in shampoo and cleansers. Private label Ayurvedic cosmetic products exporter in India offers a wide range of trusted and best quality cosmetics which are not harmful to your skin. Be careful when buying products with a high concentration of fragrance products that contain a lot of fragrance can be problematic for your skin. They can cause your skin to be dry and irritated. If you have sensitive skin, you should look for products that are either unscented or have a very light scent. 

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