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Things to avoid while selling your house

by Team Techvilly
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Anticipating difficulties before they arrive is half of the battle in houses for sale. Selling a home is a very sad and tedious life event. It cannot be  very easy when you consider all of the processes involved: preparing and marketing the property, making repairs, finding buyers, navigating the closing process, and finally building your new home.

Just one small mistake or a hasty decision and it’ll take down with it all the hard work that you’ve put in and all the research that you did. And how can we not mention the financial loss which is unbearable.

Common mistakes we all do while going to houses for sale:

Underestimating the cost of the home

The total cost of houses for sale can be much higher than most people estimate by 5-6 percent in agent commission. When closing expenses, repairs, and other concessions include to the buyer, the selling cost can be closer to 10% of the selling price. For example, move into your new home before you sell your old home.

You may have to rent a temporary apartment or cover both the mortgage and additional carrying costs such as utilities, HOA dues, taxes, and storage. You may have to pay. Learn more about how you can avoid these charges by doing business in your home.

Set a fixed price

It’s not necessary that you get the exact price offer that you quote. The property should be priced keeping in mind fair market value so that both, the buyer, and the seller may close a deal on a fair and genuine value.

It’s the sweet spot for the seller between asking too much and asking too little. If you can’t find the sweet spot, you risk losing money or leaving your home on the market longer than necessary, both of which can have adverse effects.

Going for high offers only

While the most extensive offer is tempting, it is usually not the best offer for your needs. Bombshells are a very old feature of many normal sales. These are conditions that must meet before the sale can take place. An inspection bombshell is an example of a bombshell that protects the buyer’s interests.

It is essential to be aware of these contingencies because they can affect the sale’s timeline, certainty, and complexity. For example, you may get a much higher offer if the buyer first agrees to sell their current home.

Ignoring major repairs

A long list of maintenance issues can put off potential buyers and reduce the value of your home. More importantly, buyers expect your home to be in the same condition as you describe it. Home inspection plays a key role in a house for sale because when potential buyers come home for an inspection, they expect the exact house as promised to them so keep in mind to get the major repairs done before selling a house.

When we inspect a home, we look for broken, in poor condition, or have the potential to compromise the house’s safety, structure, or functionality. These are some of the most commonly encountered repair items. Use our home maintenance and repair checklist to assess each location as you prepare your houses for sale.

You are not preparing your home for sale.

One of the most challenging aspects of houses for sale is showing it to potential buyers. In general, the more attractive your home is, the cleaner, less cluttered, and well-decorated it is.


Selling a house might be a very emotional task for some and for some it might be thrilling but one thing’s sure that neither the buyer, nor the seller would ever want to come to deal at an unfair price. So, to avoid that go through this article thoroughly before putting up the house for sale board outside.

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