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The Easy Way to Embed Facebook Feed To Your Website

by Team Techvilly
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With time, Facebook has been consistently bringing evolution to the internet world. Since 2004, Facebook still has 2.41 billion active users. Even after 17 years and similar platforms coming into the market, Facebook is still the leading social media platform. 

Facebook is the go-to place for people to connect with friends, pass their time, discover brands, and much more. It is the social media giant for people and over time marketers have also recognized this. Marketers keep finding new and innovative ways to achieve as much as possible from Facebook. 

To take full advantage of Facebook marketers have been coming up with unique ideas, once such approach is to leverage your brand facebook feeds on your website. The results have proven to be extremely beneficial. Let’s dig in to find out easy ways to embed your Facebook feed and how it benefits the business. 

Step-Wise Guide to Embed Facebook Fedd to Your Website

Social media aggregators provide easy solutions to embed various social media feeds, posts, videos, user-generated content, and much more to your website. Here is the step-by-step chaperone of social media aggregators. 

Step 1: Login/Sign Up to Your Account

Social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox offer you responsive and interactive widgets to drive traffic to your website while enhancing your social media presence. 

Sign up for a free account on any platform of your choice using Google, or Facebook, or fill out a form with your full name, email address, and a new password. Or login to your existing account via email address and password.

Step 2: Develop Your Widget 

You will be directed to your dashboard, “add social feeds” here and pick out your source, in this case, we shall use Facebook as our source network. In the next pop-up, you will find various connection types to choose from like page names, posts, albums, page reviews, etc. 

Once you finalize your connection type, these aggregators will automatically fetch your content and display them in a single frame.

Step 3: Customize and Moderate Your Widget 

You have the ability to edit your widget as per your requirements. You can use various themes and layouts to customize your widget. You can use banners, and change the background, font size, and card style. You can use the custom CSS feature to personalize your overall look. Users are also provided with the feature to moderate their widget and display only relevant content.

Step 4: Generate Embed Code 

After all your designing part is completed and is up to the mark, it is time to generate the embed code. Tap “Publish” at the bottom of your editor page and select your website building platform. These widgets are created considering all kinds of website building platforms making it easier for you to embed them on any website be it HTML, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, or any other. Adjust the width and height of your widget and select “Embed code”. 

The generated code can be then pasted on your backend website editor page. Choose the webpage and select the portion where you wish to embed the Facebook widget, paste the aggregator generate code, and congratulations, your widget is now up and running on your website.

Benefits to Embed Facebook Feed On Website

Uplift User Interaction

Widgets make your website look more attractive and provide your users with more content to explore enhancing your website dwell time. By embedding facebook on your website you allow users to explore your Facebook feed without leaving your website enabling higher interaction. 

Unveil Your Social Media Presence with UGC

UGC is one of the most trusted and authentic approaches to showcasing your brand’s acceptability. Leveraging your social media UGC on your website you are providing your users with proof of Angelina Jolie net worth. Brands have the opportunity to encourage existing users to upload more reviews and influence potential customers to make favourable purchase decisions. 

Amplify Brand Authenticity

User-Generated Content is the best way to develop a sense of trust and reliability in your visitors. You get the chance to develop conversations with your customers, showing them that their opinions matter. This way you develop an essence of authenticity in your customers. With enhanced authenticity, customer acquisition also becomes comparatively easier. 

Shoot Up ConversionRrates

Brand reliability decides how many visitors are willing to make favourable decisions. Incorporating a Facebook feed provides your website with an intriguing layout, attracting more user’s who are likely to generate sales. 


With the above steps and benefits, you now have an understanding of why leveraging the Facebook feed on your website is crucial. It drives traffic and makes your user’s time worthwhile. Providing relevant content helps the users in making purchase decisions. 

It helps provoke your customers to invest in the brand and influence potential users to make desired decisions. Embedding a Facebook widget helps the brand Accelerate conversion rates and amplify sales.

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