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The best machines for professional cleaning

by Team Techvilly

The best machines for professional cleaning

Last week we published an article talking about the advantages of professional cleaning for a business. In this, we emphasize that professional cleaning is an essential factor for the workers and clients of a company to improve their well-being and comfort in the workplace. Without forgetting that both the performance and the brand image of the company improve when the space is clean. But what are the best machines for exceptional professional cleaning?

Why rely on machines for professional cleaning?

In companies, especially large ones, the best way to optimize cleaning tasks is to have professional cleaning machines.

This type of cleaning machinery helps to carry out a multitude of tasks, with much less effort and with better results.

Cleaning machines save companies time and money

Everything in a company that takes us to save time also means saving capital. Since, as they say, time is money (especially if we have to hire a cleaning company).

In industry, work times would be tremendously higher if certain machines were not available. The same thing happens with cleaning.

Thanks to the machines for professional cleaning it is possible to finish the cleaning work with a much higher speed than it would take to carry out these tasks by hand.

In addition, although it represents a significant initial investment, it will pay for itself very quickly, since the cleaning staff will have to spend much less time.

Cleaning machines for a professional result

In addition to saving in every way, the cleaning machinery achieves a much more perfect and professional result. These are designed to clean all types of surfaces, vacuum, scrub, polish, or remove the most persistent stains in the most efficient and professional way possible.

What are the best machines for professional cleaning?

At SCS Group Cleaning Solution we are dedicated to the sale of all kinds of professional cleaning products and machinery. We have professional cleaning machinery for all types of companies or individuals, from the most basic, to those designed to carry out cleaning tasks on large surfaces.

Among them we highlight the following:

Upholstery and carpet cleaning machines

The injection and extraction machine is ideal for leaving immaculate upholstery and carpets. It has an antifoam system with a two-stage motor, maximum power of 1200w, and a 33-liter steel tank. In addition, its wheels allow it to be very easy to transport.

professional vacuum cleaners

At SCS Group Cleaning Solution we have different types of professional vacuum cleaners, which adapt to the needs of each client and space of use.

A professional vacuum cleaner for dust and liquids has a power of 1,400w and a capacity of 20 liters. This product is light to handle and features four swivel wheels, a lightweight aluminum tube, and a steel tank.

On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner for cleaning clean rooms with a maximum power of 1,300w and a 27-liter tank.

Another of our professional vacuum cleaners. It has a power of 870w and a capacity of 16 liters. It is a reliable product for intensive work with an ecological motor, ecological nozzles, and microfiber bags, and its connections are threaded.

Professional scrubbers and sweepers

The 550M model is a professional manual walk-behind sweeper with a maximum productivity of 1600m2/h and a working width of 550mm.

For a more professional job and large companies, the professional man-on-board scrubber-dryer. With a theoretical yield of 5525m2/h, a working autonomy of 4h, and a 100′ water tank.

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