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Samsung Vs Apple: What’s All The Rivalry About

by Uneeb Khan

Almost everyone in the world is aware of the two major smartphone companies and their rivalry, Apple and Samsung. For a multitude of reasons, these two have been each other’s biggest competitors for more than a decade now. This accounts for countless comparisons, comparative analyses of every recent launch, and lots of fueling the fire. 

This competition goes beyond just critics and fans. It extends to both companies, which are also constantly trying to one-up each other and, through social media now, throwing indirect shade at each other. But hey, it’s all good-natured at the end of the day, right? Both companies are bringing in huge revenues and leading, so it’s a win-win, and we’re all here for it! The rivalry is still very interesting to witness, and so we’re listing down a few reasons we think are behind Apple and Samsung’s endless rivalry. 

Where It All Began 

The original iPhone was first released in 2007, gained popularity immediately, and was on its way to becoming a globally known device. Samsung came out with its Samsung Galaxy (original) in 2009, which was then succeeded by the first Samsung Galaxy S. The S series is the company’s high-end smartphone series that has its most recent technology, innovations, and best features. The two started off their smartphone routes in a similar time period, which meant that both became instant competitors for people all over the world. 

Passionate Buyers And Fans

Of course, all this success and reputation couldn’t have been achieved with just the launch of the phones. Both of these companies have hundreds of thousands of supporters who look forward to every new launch and product. Because of its worldwide fame, buyers come from any country. This is why these companies are constantly making efforts to cater to potential buyers all over the world and make sure their products and services touch every corner of the globe. Because of their close attention to every customer base and reliable revenue, Samsung and Apple have continued to thrive. 

Flagship Phones And Their Innovations

Currently, the flagship phones of the two companies are the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. When put into comparison with how technology was when the two first started, it truly never fails to be a surprise. These days, flagship phones are all about convenience and amazing features. Periscope and telephoto lenses, amazing batteries, extremely smooth functioning, huge storage, and extremely reliable software have made this flagship phones the talk of the town, and hence the rivalry still lives and thrives. 

Two Of The Biggest Tech Giants 

Samsung and Apple are two of the biggest revenue-producing companies all around the globe. With how much sales revenue they’re producing and how far their reach is, we can only expect the two companies to grow and flourish while simultaneously keeping the tech world alive by creating good competition. 


Apple and Samsung have been each other’s biggest competitors for a long time now, and we love to see how the two keep audiences occupied and the competition alive! If you’re an Apple fan and are looking to buy iPhone, find a MacBook for sale, or more, check out Experimax.com for their amazing services and a wide variety of products!

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