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Private Label Beauty Products

Nature hides many secrets – not only those that support our health but also our natural beauty. They just need to be discovered… In today’s world, we can observe the trend of consumers turning towards nature, which is constantly gaining in importance and popularity.

It is especially visible in the beauty & wellness industry, where cosmetics of natural origin are becoming more and more popular. Made from the fruits of Mother Earth (plants and minerals) and is an alternative to traditional products already on the market. What exactly are they and are they better than the conventional ones?

What are Natural Cosmetics?

Friendly both for the body and the environment – natural cosmetics are fully synergistic in their natural action on the skin and the ingredients contained therein. They do not contain artificial or chemical additives or parabens, SLS, petroleum additives, silicones, or paraffin. These cosmetics draw from the very nature of their natural resources and often very rare ingredients. Hence the huge emphasis on the use of such private label beauty products enhancement in this already poisoned world.

It is also worth mentioning that natural cosmetics are very often made by hand and packed, especially in glass or ecological plastic. As a result, they usually have a short expiry date and their production does not resemble factory quantities – they are mainly produced in small family businesses.

Natural cosmetics are treated very strictly and are subject to strict criteria. Within many countries, cosmetics are inspected by the Cosmetic Products Experts Committee. It is she who sets all the rules and requirements for natural products.

Why is it worth using natural cosmetics?

There is nothing better than knowing that what we use is safe for us and our health. Let’s not forget that a lot of substances are absorbed through the skin, both harmful to humans and those having a beneficial effect on the body.

Human skin absorbs like a sponge, so it is very important what we care for and what cream we use. Why is it worth using natural cosmetics? Because they rarely cause allergies and do not clog pores.

They also do not irritate the skin, do not cause acne breakouts, and do not cause inflammation. In addition – which should not be forgotten, they are made only from raw materials derived from organic and selected crops without the use of pesticides on them.

Thanks to this, they do not only mask the symptoms of malfunctioning skin, and the substances contained in them stimulate it to renew and constantly regenerate. If you are still wondering whether and why it is worth using natural cosmetics, remember that these products are not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients derived from them, which makes them a much better and more ethical choice.

Are Natural Cosmetics Effective?

As we have already mentioned, effective natural cosmetics contain a much greater amount of active ingredients than conventional and commonly available products on the market. Their components have been selected so that each of them has a nourishing effect and salvation for the skin.

Effective natural cosmetics contain not only active substances but also other ingredients, such as oil and water phase, which constitute the basis for active substances. Both phases forming the emulsion are selected from the appropriate ingredients. The water phase consists of demineralized mineral waters or hydrolates with toning properties, soothing irritations and thus facilitating the penetration of active substances into the skin.

The oil phase consists of cold-pressed oils and butter, which is an excellent base for vitamins, sterols, and enzymes dissolved in them. On the other hand, fats help rebuild the skin’s lipid layer, which plays a key role in retaining water in the skin, making it supple and elastic.

Can Natural Cosmetics Cause Allergies?

First of all, we have to look at the ingredients on the labels of the products we are interested in – the more so when we are not entirely sure whether natural cosmetics sensitize or not. Many companies produce and sell products that have nothing to do with nature, and unfortunately, they are only in name.

As we do not have a clearly defined definition of what a natural cosmetic is, many cosmetic makers use the situation and ignorance of customers to attach their products to this term.

However, this does not release us from the obligation to read the information on labels, as in the case of food products, and to avoid substances that do not serve us, or for which there is a fear that they may sensitize us.

Where to Buy Natural Cosmetics?

It is best to look for this type of product from small producers that deal with family production using traditional production methods. You can also buy natural cosmetics at a good price from the leading cosmetic maker Aurora Global Brands – we invite everyone interested to see our offers.

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