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Pavel Kozlov: A Tale of Success

by Team Techvilly
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Very few people are able to figure out what they wish from life, and even fewer are able to achieve it. Pavel Kozlov is counted among those few who had it figured out while he was a teenager. However, this did not mean he had it easy. There were a lot of hurdles involved, punctuated by a lot of hard work for Pavel to be able to reach where he is today.

Employing his tremendous creativity reserve, Pavel actor has recently shown his acting potential by playing vivid characters that truly inspire the viewer. He has a unique ability to transform himself physically and emotionally while playing out roles, setting himself on the path of being the next shining star in Hollywood. Kozlov originally belongs from Moscow, where he was brought up in a home full of academicians. However, destiny had other things planned for Kozlov. Where both his parents were math professors, Kozlov fostered a love for wrestling, but the streak for creativity and talent was not lost.

Pavel was always intrigued by combat action and acting, and after witnessing him work hard fate decided he was to taste success in both. His love for wrestling wasn’t a sudden one. It grew and nurtured throughout the years before he eventually undertook his journey to becoming what he dreamed of. In a family of mathematicians, a proactive kid fantasizing about superheroes, watching action movies, and practicing martial arts, were signs that the chain was about to break in the family.

What led to the start of his journey was a WWF show that was translated into Russian when he was a teenager. With an athletic drive, Kozlov was mesmerized by what he saw and thus began his advent into the world of wrestling. The costumed wrestlers, the dramatic entry, and the fighting scenes were ingrained his mind when he left behind his entire life in Russia to go to the land of dreams, the United States of America. Kozlov did not yearn for a better life when he planned to travel to America. It was the desire to accomplish what he dreams of that took him to the country of opportunities.

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With just $2000 in his bag and no knowledge of the foreign language, he stepped into the uncertain world to become a pro wrestler. At this time, he was in his final year of journalism. A certain and defined track laid out for him that he abandoned in favor of a struggling and unknown life in America. When you have the strength to sacrifice for your dreams, divine help comes that guarantees your hard work is not wasted.

While he was doing side jobs, Pavel also undertook training classes to sharpen and hone his wrestling abilities. Now, after twelve years of being away from his home and country, he is not only known as a wrestler but an actor too who is an American citizen with a fluent English accent.

All this while the creative spark that he inherited from his family continued to glow, pushing him into the realm of acting. Being a hard worker, it wasn’t hard for him to work to improve his acting skills. He took up acting workshops as well so that he could refine his skills.

Kozlov proved to be as stunning an actor as he is a wrestler. The roles he plays have depth and intensity as if he was meant to be an actor. Kozlov now guides all beginning actors by motivating them through his experiences and sharing his acting tips and suggestions to help them achieve their goals. Pavel is a gifted individual. However, gifts are of no use if they are not used. Fortunately for Pavel actor, he used his huge reserves of abilities to make his mark.

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