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How To Choose The Right Mountain Bike Helmet For You

by Team Techvilly
Mountain Bike Helmet

If you’re wondering how to choose the right bike helmet for you, chances are you don’t need suggestions to wear one for head protection. Helmets are common sense when riding, and some jurisdictions require them. All helmets must fulfil the same criteria for impact protection, but there are a few other factors to consider while purchasing.

So, we will discuss how to choose the correct MTB Mountain bikes helmet for your next ride without difficulty. These are essential points worth considering before deciding on your next bike helmet!

Characteristics of A Great MTB Helmet

You would have the lightest, most aerodynamic helmet on the market while still knowing that it will fulfil its job: protecting your head. If you’re starting as a road cyclist, weight may be the last thing on your mind when selecting a road helmet, but shedding those additional grammes might make the difference between 100th and first place. Manufacturers presently provide a variety of acceptable helmets aimed at novice to pro riders.

As a general rule, as the price of a helmet rises, the weight reduces, the aerodynamics improve, the ventilation improves, and the adaptability diminishes. As a beginner, you might spend $100+ on an MTB helmet that will do everything it’s meant to do to a reasonable degree. Weight reduction and aerodynamic enhancements become critical.

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1.  Measure Your Head

Wrap a delicate measuring tape around your head about an inch above your brows and ears. Check that the tape is level. Most helmets are measured in millimetres; if possible, measure your head in centimetres. The conversion factor is 1 inch = 2.54 cm without a centimetre tape. Then, select a helmet size that corresponds to your measurement.

2.  Try It On

Try your new helmet, Buy mountain bikes, as soon as you get it. Your helmet should be level with your head. The front of the helmet should be one inch (or less) above your brows, protecting your brows and your forehead.

The helmet should fit comfortably. There should be no extra space between the helmet and your head. Any pressure spots should be noted since they may indicate that the helmet is too small.

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3.  Tighten The Chin Strap

Tighten the chin strap, so it is snug but comfortable beneath your chin. There should be no more than one finger between the strap and your chin. The straps should be a “V” when they lie beneath each ear. Open your mouth wide with the chinstrap secured. The helmet should push on the top of your head.

4.  Consider Taking the Shake Test

Push your mountain bike helmet from one side to the other and from rear to front. If the helmet shifts substantially, try adjusting it using its retention mechanism. Once you’ve found the proper fit, the helmet mountain should not move more than one inch in any direction during the shake test.

5.  Go for A Test Ride

Full face MTB helmet can feel heavy while travelling. So, before purchasing your next full face mountain bike helmet, take a test ride in that helmet. If you think your helmet fits the requirements of your next long ride, go for that helmet without giving a second thought about that MTB helmet price!

Concluding Our Take On How to Choose The Right Mountain Bike Helmet For You!

You must follow all the steps above while searching for the best MTB helmet for your long rides. Following every step might be challenging, but these steps will ensure you are all prepared for your next trailing adventure.

Also, pay special attention to the fitting of the Buy mountain bike helmet as you don’t want to handle aches and not enjoy your next ride adventure. We hope you have the safest and the most adventurous ride. 

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