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Motorhome and Camper Van Type B Routine Maintenance

by Uneeb Khan
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We shouldn’t even wish it on our worst enemies to have their car break down on the side of the road because of how annoying, frustrating, and sometimes dangerous it may be. You can’t imagine how disheartening it would be to spend your vacation splayed out on the ground, arms coated in grease, next to a smoking engine.

Fortunately, if you keep up with routine maintenance, you probably won’t have to worry about this happening.

Camper van or motorhome servicing doesn’t have to be complicated, but it can make a big difference in the vehicle’s lifespan.

Even though breakdowns and accidents are inevitable, here are certain services that should be performed routinely on your Class B van or motorhome to prevent you and your family from being stranded:


Prioritize frequent van cleaning to keep filth and grit from damaging the van’s finish. Cleaning your car not only improves its appearance, but also serves a practical purpose by producing a protective coating and discouraging issues like rust and cracks in the outside.

Be careful to give your van’s windshield the same level of care. A windshield can easily be cracked or shattered by a flying rock while driving down the highway, and unlike a car, a camper’s windshield is more difficult to replace. The typical cost to repair a windshield is $50, therefore it’s important to find out if your policy covers this.


Make sure your sealants are in good shape to prevent water and air from seeping in from the outside. Many sealants dry out and fracture over time, allowing air to seep in and out. Some air holes are intended to allow drainage, such as the bottom overhang of windows and doors; before applying sealant, see your owner’s manual or speak with a representative.

Retractable Roof:

Keep an eye on the roof sealant of your vw camper van or motorhome, especially if you have a slide-out. Wear and tear on the sealant from the slide-out rubbing against the van causes it to become brittle over time.

Adjusting the playing field, the coach says:
All camper vans should be stable while parked so that the phrase “rolling out of bed” doesn’t have to be taken literally. If it has been more than 60 days since you drove the vw campervan, you will need to reset the coach levelling system. Owners should do this before setting out on the road so that they don’t have to deal with an uneven vehicle.

Connected to the Power Grid:

The vibrations from driving your camper van mean that the electrical system needs to be checked periodically. Long distance driving can cause a vw campervan to develop shorts and other mechanical problems, although these are usually easy to repair. Basic tools are all you need to examine electrical connections; just remember to always remove the battery before working on an electrical device.

Additionally, it is recommended that you charge your camper van’s battery before and after a lengthy trip, but you should always refer to your vehicle’s manual for the most up-to-date and accurate information.


The plumbing system is one of the least desirable things to break down. Camper vans often have a sink and toilet, while motorhomes typically have showers. After returning after a lengthy journey, it is essential to empty the fresh water pump and clean the holding tanks. Owners should always have a backup pump on hand in case the original one breaks down on the road.

Boiling Water:

It’s important to keep the pipes connected to the water heater free of sediment, which can quickly accumulate. One can accomplish this upkeep with the help of a flexible wire brush or a vacuum. Before leaving on a long journey, make sure to flush the water heater.

Avoid having a breakdown spoil your trip. Although breakdowns are inevitable for any vw ford fiat camper van or motorhome, if you keep up with routine maintenance, they should occur later rather than sooner.

Talk about your sales agent about the various options, but in general, several firms provide extended warranties on both new and old Class B camper vans, simplifying maintenance considerably.

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