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by Team Techvilly

When I think about people getting together to socialise during a pandemic, I remember back to the summer when I went to the park with my best friend for one of the many “let’s sit on the grass and stare into the mejuri jewellery activities.” Those are the events that come to mind first. My regular outfit for the year 2020 consisted of a baseball cap, bicycle shorts, an outdated t-shirt, and Teva sandals, and I was wearing all of these things.

As I sat down, he bluntly stated that I simply look like Robert Pattinson at the gas station. In the past, I used to be so curious to see what you were wearing when we would hang out together, but now you simply look like him. After I had finished drying my eyes from crying-laughing, I realised the horrible truth: the pandemic had rendered me sartorially uninteresting. You know, the side-splitting cackle that follows from getting roasted by one of your best pals.

Fill the Wardrobe with Items Suitable for Summer

Because of the way that I dress and the fact that I ride a bike while wearing heels, people often make fun of me. I rarely take a wallet with me because I am so fond of carrying around small purses. In addition, despite the fact that I live in Toronto, which has a summer season that lasts for no more than three months on average, I continue to pack my closet with summer gear.

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It has always been one of my life goals to find methods to make outlandish clothing choices work for me, despite the fact that all of this may seem counterintuitive in comparison to normal life in the city (tbh, I also loved the shock elicited from arriving to an event with my bike helmet and, say, lucite Chanel heels).

Bring your most authentic self out into the world and express it

But the epidemic changed everything, and getting into character on Zoom to play mejuri jewellery regularly became too much for those of us who favour a more-is-more aesthetic. A lot more enticing is the idea of lounging around while watching Netflix and resting FOREVER while wearing one’s pyjamas. As a result of our collective inability to produce sufficient amounts of energy, we have progressed beyond merely being lethargic. The means by which we reveal our most private selves to the outside world are kept a well-guarded secret.

There is a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel, along with one or two prods in the arm

There may be a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel, but you may also have to take a few punches in the arm to get there. When I trace my fingers wistfully through my racks of slip dresses, I can’t help but sing, despite the fact that life has not yet returned to its previous level of perfect normalcy. Is it excessive if I sing Natasha Bedingfield’s song “Unwritten” from the early 2000s while I’m alone in my closet? Yes. But is it really so dramatic to beat a pandemic on a worldwide scale? mejuri jewellery

The erratic and bewildering aesthetic of the 2000s

Every single one of us has been through something terrible, and any makeover montage from the 1990s will tell you that nothing lifts your spirits quite like a fashionable piece of mejuri jewellery. Exuberance typically follows periods of difficulty; examples include the Roaring Twenties and the wild, bewildering aesthetic of the early 2000s. History has proved that this is typically the case. All of this leads me to believe that when glamour does make a comeback, it will have a different appearance because it will have acquired a bit of a Miss Havisham vibe along the way.

The natural world is mending and getting ready to absorb it all

Since we’ve had plenty of time to cultivate our peculiarities while confined within the walls of our condominiums, it’s about time that we share them with the rest of the world. have you ever worn mejuri jewellery, which has tie-dye in a kaleidoscope of brilliant colours? Alternately, why not accessorise your new favourite dress with strawberry print with goods that are delicious?

The natural world is on the mend and poised to absorb everything, by which I mean the fashion industry. I, for one, am ready to don the largest hoop earrings I own, put on the brightest miniskirt I own, and do whatever it takes to get my friends excited about seeing (and maybe even criticising) my absurd outfit yet again.

Mejuri Review: 14k Vs. Gold Vermeil Jewelry

If you have an appreciation for exquisite jewellery, the name “mejuri jewellery” is one that you have most likely come across before. They may be seen everywhere on social media, and you may have even seen commercials for them on billboards, begging with you to buy some of their fine jewellery “for your damn self.” I went to their store in Toronto to see the products in person since, despite their brilliant marketing strategies, I found their delicate and simple designs to be quite appealing.

Mejuri is a brand that sells directly to customers

Since mejuri jewellery is a brand that sells directly to customers, there is no markup from the middlemen on the prices of the products. A handful of the goods caught my eye, but I ultimately decided to make my purchase online because the store wasn’t carrying what I was looking for.

Mejuri’s headquarters are in Canada, despite the fact that the company has more offices in the United States. Because the orders are dispatched from within the country, there are no customs fees incurred for shipments that cross the border into Canada. This information is provided in case any Canadians are inquisitive.

Mejuri Gold Vermeil Jewelry

The Twin Necklace and the Tarot Star Necklace, both made by mejuri jewellery, were my first purchases from the brand. Both of them are made of gold vermeil, which is the primary factor that contributes to their reasonable prices. Each item was delivered in a cardboard box that could be used for gift-giving and included a branded travel pouch in black as well as care instructions. When the boxes were packaged, a big white drawstring bag emblazoned with its logo was employed as the packaging.

Croissant Dôme Ring Crafted From 14 Karat Yellow Gold

After some time of adorning myself with gold vermeil jewellery, I came to the conclusion that going forward, I would want to make my purchases out of genuine gold. I recently upgraded to the 14k yellow gold version of the Croissant Dôme Ring instead of purchasing the gold vermeil version. Continue reading to discover the reasons why I stopped buying gold jewellery from Mejuri.

Mejuri’s Jewelry 14k Gold Vs. Gold Vermeil Pin

The gold vermeil offered by Mejuri is produced by applying a substantial layer of 18-karat pure gold over sterling silver. It has a significantly thicker covering of gold than regular gold plating does, which is the main difference between the two. Because vermeil can still become tarnished, it is important that the items be kept away from moisture and perspiration.

Both of the necklaces quickly started to rust when I wore them directly on my skin over the previous summer.

A member of Mejuri’s customer service team recommended that I buff them with the black pouch that was provided in the package. Because my Twin necklace was still in extremely poor condition despite the fact that it worked well for the most part, they offered to fix it, and shortly thereafter, another one was sent to me in the mail. I feel obligated to point out that Mejuri’s customer service is of the highest calibre.

A Warranty of Two Years on All of Their Jewelry

They stand behind their jewellery with a warranty of two years. Your issue will be resolved as quickly as possible by the customer support representatives who swiftly react to emails. The oxidation on the Tarot necklace appeared to have worsened when I just brought it out of storage for the first time in many months and examined it. It did not smooth down at all. Mejuri Coupon code are being made available generally.

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