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Clean Out Dust From Your MacBook With Computer Repair in Jacksonville

by Darshan Fame
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Cleaning dust from Mac isn’t easy compared to personal computers. No matter which electronic gadget you have, dust build-up is a huge issue and can cause several problems in your components. It is essential to clean the dust out because if you don’t leave it for a month or more, it can become debris and sticky gunk, which is even harder to take out. Have you ever seen curd building in your mouse and keyboard? The same curd starts to gather inside your Mac if you don’t keep it maintained. Boss City Depot, a computer repair in Jacksonville, says that cleaning the dust from Mac is a complex task, but it is not impossible. Let’s see how.

Signs You Have A Dust Problem

Before rushing and opening your Mac and voiding its warranty, it is recommended that you should consider the environment you are living in. The dust will gather in your Mac if you live in a place with a lot of pet hair, dust, smoke, dander and carpet that are barely vacuumed. If you are still concerned about your device, below are some signs you must consider that will show that you have dust in your laptop.

  1. Random Shutdowns

When dust accumulates in your Mac, it prevents proper airflow circulation. If the air will not circulate, the heat will not escape from your Mac and starts overheating your device. Overheating Mac is not good for GPUs, CPUs, hard drives and more. However, modern systems automatically shut down if they overheat before anything bad happens to your laptop’s internal components. If you are facing a similar problem with your Mac and it randomly shutdowns, it means your computer has overheated. Give it some rest. 

  1. Slow System Performance

Another important feature in modern laptops is their parts, particularly in CPUs which can throttle the performance of your Mac heats up too quickly. Throttling CPUs work less hard and create less heat which your Mac performs slowly. Some people get irritated when they see that their Mac is slow and they have to do a lot of work on it. If you are also experiencing a slow-performing Mac, it means that the CPU of your Mac has slowed down the performance to avoid overheating. Computer repair in Jacksonville says that if you see that the apps on your laptop take much time to load, your Mac is overheating. It will be better to shut it down for its good. 

  1. Excess Fan Noise

The fan starts making a louder noise when the Mac ages and ages. If your Mac fan spins high speed, your laptop has started overheating. If you hear a fan making a noise and it seems like it will take off, it’s the right time to clean the dust from your fan. To reduce fan noise, clean the dust out because the fan will spin faster in excess heat. 

These were the signs your Mac fan needs cleaning. If you have identified this problem, it’s time to know how to clean the Mac fan with electronic repair in Jacksonville.

How To Clean Dust From Mac?

MacBook or any other laptop must be kept on a hard surface while using so that the vents are clear and the airflow is good. Your Mac problem will increase if you habitually use your laptop on pillows, blankets, beds, carpeted floors, laps and any other soft place. There are a few basic steps that prevent dust from accumulating in your laptop and keep it safe from overheating. 

  1. Use Hard and Flat Surface

Using your Mac in bed or on the ground may sound tempting, but doing this will expose your Mac to dust and debris. Therefore, computer repair in Jacksonville suggests you keep your laptop on a hard and flat surface that keeps the vents open.

  1. Keep Your Home Dust Free

This habit is one of the easiest and most obvious, but many people neglect it. No idea why. Keeping your place dust free not only keeps your health in good shape but also prevents the dust from entering your Mac. It is suggested that you must use your laptop in an environment that is dust free. 

  1.  Mac Cleaning Method

To clean your Mac fan, you must open your MacBook. For that, you must have all the right tools and nooks. It takes a great focus to open your MacBook, and it’s a risky business. It can also void your Mac’s warranty. Therefore DIYing is not recommended. All you can do is maintain your laptop and keep the dust out from the openings of your laptop with the help of a brush and lint-free cloth. Ensure that no dust accumulates in your laptop. If it has gathered, you must take your laptop to electronic repair Jacksonville and let the professionals clean your Mac fan carefully. They have all the tools to open your laptop. Another benefit of taking your laptop to technicians is that you won’t have to buy expensive tools to do the job. 

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