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Level Up Your Ecommerce Operations with Virtual Assistants: A Detailed Management Guide

by Niazi Pathan

Irrespective of whether you run a small or established online business, optimal eCommerce store management is of utmost importance. As an online business owner, you must maintain all the pieces involved in ensuring the productivity of your brand store. But as the number and intensity of operations increase over time, managing your eCommerce store all by yourself becomes daunting.

Therefore, hiring virtual assistants to delegate crucial eCommerce management tasks is a smart decision!

Remember, there will be many challenges on your way to thriving an online store if you are handling all the tasks by yourself. Meeting your growth targets, handling customers, processing orders, tracking inventory, and all those tasks require time, patience and consistent attention.

With only you behind the wheel, things might sometimes go out of hand. Thus, it will hamper your expansion plan, leading you to be stagnant in your growth. So, why not make eCommerce management more convenient?

Read along this article till the end to find out how virtual assistants can help you level up your eCommerce operations.

What is Ecommerce Store Management? Why is it Important?

As the name suggests, eCommerce management is running, monitoring and maintaining your online store. The primary aim of this approach is to ensure your brand is thriving in customer acquisition, customer retention, product quality, optimal marketing and others. Degradation in any of these aspects might result in serious repercussions for the brand.

For instance, Suppose you are running a Shopify store with world-class products. But, you are missing out on ways to attend to your customers’ requests or queries. In that case, your target audience would reject your product, irrespective of whether it is of the best quality. And that’s because you lack the effort to attain customer satisfaction while you manage Shopify store.

If you are not focusing on managing your store from all fronts, you are losing out on opportunities, leading you to bear big losses. And attending to all the required domains of your eCommerce store is difficult without a proper workforce. Therefore, hiring virtual assistants for eCommerce store management is important.

Hiring an in-house team for all the store management operations will turn out to be very expensive in a short span of time. You will have to pay them salaries, employee benefits, infrastructure, training and many more things. With virtual assistants offering you eCommerce management, you can save your expenses as they would be working remotely to meet your needs.

How Can Virtual Assistants Scale the Ecommerce Operations for Your Brand Store?

Whether you seek Magento, Shopify, Amazon or BigCommerce store management services, virtual assistants are proficient with individual platforms to help attend to your requirements. Hiring them can help you run and grow your store productively.

You can free up your time to focus on expanding the business while running it can be delegated to the assistants. Some of the ways through which virtual assistants help you scale the eCommerce operations and productivity include:

1. Instant Expansion of the Team’s Skillset

Hiring virtual assistants for your eCommerce store gives you accessibility to a widened range of abilities and skills instantly. As the VAs are industry experts who solely practiseeCommerce management, they will have more experience than your in-house team.

You don’t need to spend a penny on their training, as they are proficient with simple management tasks to complex event organisation, tech support or marketing activities. Outsourcing your most critical eCommerce operations instantly to specific domain experts can lead you to successfully execute your business operations.

2. Increases Your Social Footprint

As there’s no geographical limitation on hiring a Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento or Amazon Seller virtual assistant, you will not just be hiring them but will also be connecting your brand to their intellect. Depending on their respective countries, they would have a better knowledge about their specific market demands upon your offerings.

You will be leveraging the experiences of all those different minds of your VAs to expand your store’s unified knowledge. Hiring one in-house employee over several VAs from different parts of the world might limit this possibility.

Therefore, if you seek expansion and productivity for your eCommerce operations through an increased social footprint, hiring virtual assistants for store management is quite important.

3. Implement Feedback Loops on Priority

The virtual assistants would help you implement efficient customer feedback loops to seek consistent improvements for the products. These loops will be based on the mutual or natural interactions between your brand and customers. With this, your assistants would help connect you with your customers in-depth.

They would run surveys, connect with customers via emails and keep track of reviews to implement the feedback loops. Every virtual assistant you hire for the job will be proficient with the use of respective tools and technologies to analyse this feedback and make a note of your customers’ behaviour, such as buying habits or product choices.

4. Seamless Inventory Management

Proper inventory management is of utmost importance when running an online store. It helps you handle the rising or dropping demands of the customers upon your specific products. It is a time-consuming yet important aspect of eCommerce management. So, hiring a virtual assistant can be helpful for you to get this task handled.

A VA will keep a close tab on the inventory and keep you updated with the latest data on the stock availability of your select products. They will help you save on warehousing expenses by eliminating the need to stock up on low-demand products.

Bottom Line

These are some ways VAs are destined to help you with proper eCommerce store management. All you have to do is look for the best agency and express your need for an assistant who can take up specific or most store management jobs.

Assessing their expertise is on you! Check their skills, look at their previous projects and come to a conclusion on hiring them. You won’t just be easing your job by freeing up time for expanding your business, but you can actually unveil new opportunities to grow with the help of eCommerce virtual assistants.

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