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Keep Your Car Clean – Car Wash Guides

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The appearance of your car is probably one of the most important characteristics that reflects your attitude towards maintaining your own car. All interior and exterior parts found on your car will eventually wear out or malfunction due to a few factors, but maintaining these parts can extend their life and functionality. An easy way to keep your car healthy is to keep its exterior shiny so it looks like it was brought in from the nearest car dealership. You can do this simply by cleaning your car with the right cleaning steps. Soaking your car in a car wash every day is a good idea, but it actually costs you a lot of money. You can effectively clean your car by following these simple instructions.

First, you need to find good car wash soap at the nearest car dealerships

and shops that you can use. Avoid using household cleaners or liquid cleaners as these products can contain a high PH (acidity) level and can damage your Bil rengøring. You can only use acid-based wheel cleaners. Then find a shady spot, probably under a large tree, to clean your car. Do not wash your car in the sun as the heat from the sun will cause the car to dry out quickly and leave stains on your car’s exterior.

Get your cleaning tools (bucket or hose, sponge, brush, etc.) and start cleaning your wheels and tires? Check for dirt on the road and remove it, especially between the tire grooves. Rinse the underside of the car and remove troublesome dirt such as tar, mud and other stuck-on objects. This is an effective way to start the general cleaning process.

Then close all doors and windows.

You probably wouldn’t want your interior and seats to get wet, would you? Use a hose (hope you have one) and start hosing the surface of your car body with water. Spray it from top to bottom. This will absorb the dirt and make it easier for you to remove. Get a bucket of your car wash soap diluted in water. Use a sponge or a soft brush to wash the car from bonnet to bumpers, spoiler (eg Volkswagen spoiler), windows, front and side skirts and roof by rubbing from top to bottom. It is necessary to rinse again and again to see if it has already removed the dirt from the exterior surface of your car. Try repeating this process until your car is clean and shiny and you feel like you’ve done enough.

Finally, rinse your car one last time.

 Use a hose to hose down the car starting from the top to let the water drain out. The flowing water washes the sides as well as the wheels and tires. After that, wipe your car with a clean cloth. If the car is not clean enough after drying, repeat the cleaning process to make it completely clean.

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