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InstaBoost: Turbocharge Your Instagram Growth

by Team Techvilly

Instagram has become a prevalent social medium for businesses, with over 1.2 billion users globally and millions of eye-catching photographs shared daily. According to the most recent research, 60% of Instagram users trust the platform for product discovery. As a result, this platform is critical for marketers that want to advertise their products while increasing attention and profits. Instagram content gets more interaction than other social media. You can get such tips to boost your Instagram account.

Use Instagram stories, videos, and live videos to your advantage:

Instagram stories and videos are beneficial to Instagram development. They provide the freedom to be creative and engage your audience in novel ways. But it is not all. The number of comments on video posts has increased two times. They also receive 38% more attention than ones containing photographs. As a result, the more videos you employ, the more likely your material will be discovered and shared by new audiences.

Make a daily posting commitment:

If you want your account to grow, you must publish every day. Are you gaining new followers even if you post every other day? Or maybe only twice a week? Yes, but it will take time. When things don’t move quickly, we lose interest, and many give up before seeing results. On Instagram, there are some “tipping points” that users should be aware of. When you achieve 500 followers, you should increase several new followers. Many people begin to gain new followers at 1000. Posting every day is the best tip that assists you in reaching your goals.

Enable Instagram Ads:

If you need to accelerate business growth, you must invest in advertising. Although organic growth is vital, increasing your articles and display advertisements can help you expand and reach more people. As long as your Facebook Page and Instagram Business Profile are linked, you may generate Instagram Ads from your Facebook Business Manager. Choose the variation that best complements your Instagram strategy and supports a portion of your advertising budget. A/B testing may get used to test alternative concepts and track your success during each campaign. Increase your budget for top-performing content and eliminate advertising that never works.

Maintain a clean and consistent feed:

The second thing that impacts whether consumers form a favorable first impression of your company and become followers is your Instagram feed. Your feed should be a showcase of polished, current material. To begin, incorporate user-generated material in your Featured Stories file, even if it is less on-brand and professional. Colors, fonts, pictures, post kinds, and tone of voice should all be consistent so that your brand is identifiable and represents your personality.

Make use of Instagram analytics:

Instagram Analytics allows you to measure the implementation of your posts and learn what kind of content is popular with your audience. Utilize this data to improve your content strategy and gain more followers.

Hashtags Can Help more To Grow:

Some larger firms utilize hashtags sparingly, if at all. The brand is often well-known sufficiently to attract comments, likes, and new followers. You must employ hashtags if you want your brand to develop dramatically. However, it should not be just any hashtag; it should get tailored to your brand. There is a hashtag for all. It takes a little study to identify the best ones for your company.

Share UGC: 

Authenticity and social evidence are vital. So, how can you demonstrate your authenticity? Share the posts published by people regarding your product or service! You may use an Instagram repost app or request the image and authorization to use it from the person. Alternatively, you may post, and picture of them utilizing your product or service, inquire about how it has changed their life, and so on. It not only provides you with additional content to offer, but it also provides you with vital insights into the desires and requirements of your target audience.


Instagram has become the social network of choice for reaching, engaging, and converting customers, with 90% of users following at least one brand. A well-planned Instagram growth strategy is required to stand out from the crowd. Most companies discussed in this post use tactics and technologies to generate remarkable growth and ROI. Observing these Instagram growth techniques and tools will allow you to make high-quality content while providing a bird’s-eye perspective of your daily success. So try different collaborative growth techniques and see what works best for your business.

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