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India Provides Quick and Efficient Visa to Greeks

by Uneeb Khan


Understanding the current landscape regarding INDIAN VISA FOR GREEK CITIZENS requires a close look at the Indian Immigration government website, as well as travel advisories for Greek citizens wishing to travel abroad to India. Generally, obtaining an Indian visa for Greek citizens requires that travelers seeking to visit India acquire an approved e-Visa before their date of arrival, as there is no provision for Greek citizens to receive a visa on arrival. 

In order to apply for an Indian e-Visa, Greek citizens must fill out a form through the Indian government website, which requires some personal information and the traveler’s passport details. Additionally, all travelers must provide a clear passport-sized photograph with a white background, as well as proof of travel plans, such as air tickets and hotel booking information, dated within a span of a week before and after the requested travel time. Lastly, all applicants must also present proof of sufficient funds to support their stay in India, particularly if they plan to stay longer than the allocated visa period. 

How long will it take for my application to be processed once I submit it?

Once the application is approved, the Indian e-Visa is issued via e-mail and can be used up to twice within a 12-month period. The visa covers stays in India for up to 60 days for all travelers, although the visa can be extended for a maximum of 180 days at a time, by applying for a visa extension in India. 

However, even if all requirements to obtain a visa have been met, travelers should remain aware that visa application approvals are subject to the decision of the Indian Immigration authority, in addition to the availability of consular services. It is always best that travelers plan ahead, applying for their visa several days before their intended date of arrival in India, as visa processing time is subject to change and can become lengthier during peak tourist seasons.

What should you do if you have already applied for an Indian visa and your application has not been processed yet?

Ultimately, Greek citizens should be aware of the necessary requirements to obtain an Indian e-Visa before their travels, and to stay up to date with any health advisories or travel restrictions enforced by the Greek government. Safe travels!

Getting an Indian visa entails a long and complicated process, especially for Croatian citizens. The process of obtaining a visa, however, can be simplified by proceeding through the steps correctly. This article will serve as an informative guide, and walk you through the whole process.

Is it worth applying for an Indian visa if I am a Croatian citizen?

The first step to obtaining an INDIAN VISA FOR CROATIAN CITIZENS is to apply for and receive an E-visa (Electronic visa). Upon receiving the E-visa, Croats can travel to India, where the application for a regular visa can be processed. To receive an E-visa, Croats must have a valid passport with a minimum of 180 days validity, fill out an online application, enter detailed contact information, have a valid flight reservation, have a valid address in India and pay the visa fee. E-visa validity max’s out at 60 days from the date of arrival. 

Once in India, Croats need to go through an additional process to receive a regular visa. These steps include filling out the physical application, providing details of all the places they plan to visit, providing address details, attaching two passport size photographs, providing flight information and paying the visa fee. The details the applicant provides in the application must match those of the person’s passport.

Are there any cons to getting an Indian visa for Croatian citizen?

Croats also need to convince the Indian embassy that they are not traveling to India for nefarious reasons or to work. In providing this proof to the embassy, they should emphasize their purpose of travel, provide proof of finances, and make it clear that they understand the terms and conditions of the regular visa.

Upon completion of the application process to get a regular visa, Croatian citizens will have to submit their passport and a copy of the visa. In some cases, Croatians must submit an interview appointment and an interview may be conducted. After the interview, the visa will be granted to the Croatian citizen and a timestamp will indicate the beginning of the validity period of the visa. 


Subsequently, Croatian citizens can stay as long as their visa allows for as well as exit and reenter India as many times as their visa permits. At the end of the visa period, Croatian citizens must leave India. If Croatian citizen wants to extend the stay, they can apply for the extension before the visa expires

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