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How to Find a Topic for Doctoral Dissertation? 5 Tricks You Should Know About!

by Uneeb Khan
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So, you are finally nearing the end of your doctoral degree, and now looking forward to working on your dissertation. As the researcher, first, you need to find a suitable topic for your doctoral dissertation. Without having a good topic, you cannot do the research and get the degree on time. As you are here and reading this article, it means you do not know how to find a suitable topic for your dissertation.

Well, there is no need to worry. You have come to the right place. In today’s article, we will discuss the top 5 tricks using which you can find a very good topic for your doctoral dissertation. Along with this, there will also be a mention of the characteristics of good dissertation topics. So, let’s start the discussion right away.

Top characteristics of a good dissertation topic

A dissertation topic is an issue or subject that a researcher tries to investigate. It is important to note that not every topic is researchable. There are certain characteristics of viable and doable dissertation topics. What are those characteristics? A brief description of each is as follows:

  • A good doctoral dissertation topic is neither too long nor too short. The length of an effective topic ranges between 7 to 15 words.
  • The general characteristic of dissertation topics is that they should not be ambiguous and unclear. Instead, the meaning of the topic should be clear in 7 to 15 words.
  • A dissertation topic does not contain abbreviations except standard ones. The readers may not know the full form of the abbreviated word.
  • The research topic must be well-defined. The reason is that a poorly defined research topic creates problems in the research question development.
  • A good research topic is one that addresses a research gap and is doable. Choosing topics which are not doable is not a good move.

Top 5 tricks to follow when finding a doctoral dissertation topic

Are you puzzled about finding a good topic for your dissertation? Are you feeling worried about the tremendous amount of pressure that it carries with it? If yes, then you do not need to worry anymore. Here, we will discuss the top 5 tricks that can be helpful to you in choosing a good topic. Hence, a brief description of the top 5 tricks is as follows:

Read several dissertations

The first trick to finding a good dissertation topic is reading several dissertations. Go through the dissertation writings that are in line with your field of study. Doing this is beneficial because this activity exposes you to different research ideas and topics that have already been done in your field of study. As every research study is different, you will also be exposed to a diverse outlook of different studies.

Pursue your personal interests

A dissertation is a lengthy writing project. Especially a doctoral dissertation writing project lasts for about 3 years. This is quite a huge amount of time, and you cannot afford to choose a topic that goes against your research and personal interests. Follow the instructions of your teacher but choose a topic based on your own will. After all, you are on your way to becoming a Doctor of Philosophy.

Explore your career aspirations

When finding a research topic, make sure to consider your career aspirations. The reason is that most companies ask about your research study during the job interview. Choose an area of research that gives you an opportunity to work in the same field. Hence, try to explore your career aspirations well and then take a decision.

Follow the trends

This trick is closely related to the trick discussed above. In order to choose a good topic, you should know what the hot area in your field of study is currently. When you choose a topic from something that is hot these days, you grow your career prospects by manifolds. However, if you do not know what is trending in your field, get PhD dissertation help.

Check the feasibility of the research topic

Selecting a topic that piques your interest is different from choosing a feasible topic. PhD time is limited, and you have to complete the research in the coming 2 to 3 years. Therefore, the topic of your doctoral dissertation must be feasible. It should be feasible both timewise and resource-wise. It should be a topic that you can complete comfortably within the time limits.


To sum up, choosing a dissertation topic is not an easy task. As the researcher, you must be vigilant about all the trends in your industry and your research interests. These are the two main tricks for choosing a good doctoral dissertation topic. However, there are some other tricks which are mentioned above. Go through all of them and find a good topic.

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