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How to dress and decorate the table for every occasion

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How to dress and decorate the table for every occasion

 Knowing how to dress and decorate the table for each occasion is an art that is worth knowing. Since as with all first impressions, the appearance of a table affects diners. For example, improving their mood or even their experience in the restaurant or home where they are.

Consider the type of event

Dressing and decorating the table for an informal dinner on the terrace is not the same as setting the table for a romantic dinner to celebrate an anniversary or engagement. Here lies the key to knowing how to dress a table properly: Achieving the balance according to the needs or demands of each situation, without falling into exaggerated decorations.

In this way, diners will be able to feel the love and care that we have put into preparing the table and taking care of all the details.

Details that make the difference

Decorative objects can make a difference when it comes to dressing and decorating the table for each occasion.

There are those who prefer candles or flowers, while others bet on decorating with vegetables, fruit, or various figures depending on the season or type of event being held.

How to set the table properly

When you are clear about the style of table you want to set, it is time to think about the type of crockery, the cutlery, and whether you are going to choose to use ecological disposables for the hotel industry,  kangaroo napkins or conventional cloth or paper napkins. .

Once you have all the necessary elements, you must know how to place them properly.

As established by protocol, the rule for placing cutlery is to use it from the outside, towards the inside. To begin using cutlery, start with the cutlery furthest away from the plate.

The knife and spoon will be placed to the right of the plate, and the fork to the left. Cutlery should always be placed with the handle down and the edge of the knife towards the plate.

If there are several dishes that require the use of different cutlery, the cutlery used in the first course should be more towards the outside than the cutlery for meat or the second course.

If there is any special cutlery, it should go to the right of the diner.

If there is cutlery for dessert in the initial composition, they should be placed between the plates and the glasses, perpendicularly.

Regarding the napkins, these should be placed on the right side, although they can also be placed on the left or even on the plate.

How to choose the right napkins and tablecloth

Choosing between paper or cloth napkins is a matter of taste or comfort. Since our store specialized in cleaning and hospitality you will find high-quality paper napkins, which offer a result and softness comparable to traditional cloth napkins.

In addition, paper napkins have the advantage of saving light, detergent, and time that cleaning cloth napkins require. And the same goes for tablecloths.

How to combine colors in table decoration

The color of the crockery should be chosen according to the food to be served. We can try to create a nice harmony and highlight the food. To do this, reserve the most colorful crockery for foods with duller colors, and use the most colorful ones for dishes full of color.


And you, do you value small details when decorating and dressing a table?

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