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How To Become a Successful Android Developer?

by Team Techvilly
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Who is an Android Developer?

An Android Developer makes our lives simple by creating corresponding mobile or desktop applications that help us in our everyday exercises. Thus, in the event that you ask who precisely is an Android Developer, I would agree, that he/she is a Software Developer who has some expertise in designing applications for the Android marketplace using with Android studio.

Thus, an Android Developer in an organization makes applications related to what the organization focuses on. He/she can make basic applications as well as complex ones like gaming applications (PUBG, Candy Crush, Word Cookies, and so on).

As an Android developer, you should be exceptionally clear with your job posting and your responsibilities. Thus, we have noted down a couple of key roles and responsibilities of an Android Developer. Take a look!

These roles and responsibilities characterize who can be a successful engineer.

  • Build and design Android applications
  • Develops better products with fewer bugs by working closely with the testing and design teams
  • Get familiar with APIs and data sources
  • Identify and fix bugs
  • Continual evaluation, discovery, and exploitation of new technologies

Why choose Android Development?

The Android platform is constantly evolving

Applications created either gain a lot of popularity or are rated highly on Google Play. Google releases new versions every now and then with changes to certain functionalities. Thus, your application gets regular updates that include improvised features. It is also a challenging task to develop something that will catch the eye of any user.

Adopting it isn’t hard

If you are working on any innovation that involves Software Testing or Full Stack Development, you might want to learn the Java programming language since it was among the first languages used to create applications. It is likewise a fact that any client with peer information on Java can rapidly make an Andriod application.

Simple to learn

Developers will feel that the time they put into learning how to create an Android application is nearly equal to what they put into other advances. If you know Java and scripting languages like Perl and PHP, then the job is done for you.

Then, how about we examine jobs.

Job opportunities

Mobile App Developer

Android Engineer

Mobile Architect

Embedded Software Engineer – Mobile

Lead Software Engineer-Mobile

Android Developer

Mobile Developer

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Job Trends

Android application improvement is on Forbes’ rundown of the most-needed tech abilities in 2019. One such innovation extends to evergreen open positions. As the market request is developing for Android, versatile application improvement is expanding in India. Engineers who have the information and experience will sack a wonderful bundle in this industry. There are roughly 25,000 openings for Android portable application improvement in India, this number shows an enormous measure of development in this industry.

A step-by-step guide to becoming an Android developer

To turn into an effective Android Developer, you must be knowledgeable in various subjects under Android Development including the range of abilities. The following are a couple of eminent abilities that you should dominate to pack the job of an Android Developer.


  • Should have a solid knowledge of Android SDK and different versions of Android.
  • Proficient in programming languages such as Java/Kotlin.
  • Solid knowledge of Android UI design standards, examples, and best practices.
  • Great knowledge of SQL.
  • Capable comprehension of code-forming instruments, like Git.
  • Experience with RESTful APIs that associates Android applications with back-end administrations.
  • Have the capacity to design applications around UI-like touch.
  • Capacity to grasp business prerequisites and make an interpretation of them into specialized necessities.
  • Experience with cloud message APIs and pop-up messages.
  • Knowledge of Google’s Android design standards and interface guidelines.
  • Knowledge of continuous integration.

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