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How Exterminators Get Rid of Mice

by Uneeb Khan

Nobody wants to find out they have mice in their yard, much less their house. Property owners should be on the lookout for mice or other symptoms of an infestation and should be aware of any conditions that can attract rodents to their property. Let’s look at the methods used by exterminators and how you can best prepare yourself if you ever have to deal with a mouse infestation.

Types of Mice Infest Homes

In the United States, three main species of mice invade homes. These three species are the most likely to make your home theirs if it has become a shelter for such critters:

Deer mice: 

The tail of a deer mouse is often half brown and half white, and the body is dark brown. You can usually discover them in your home because they seek shelter or food. Typically inhabiting rural settings, they are the most common mouse species to carry the hantavirus that causes respiratory illness.

House mice: 

Mice in the house have limited eyesight and can’t see colors very well, but their hearing and smell are fantastic. They are more spherical than deer mice yet can be found all over North America. In addition to spreading Salmonella, they cause serious problems by nibbling through drywall, insulation, and electrical equipment. These people are the worst kind of renters you could have.

White-footed mice: 

The white-footed mouse is the least invasive species, yet during the colder months, when food is short, any mouse will seek shelter anywhere it can. White-footed mice aren’t as social as other mouse species, so if you find one or two in your home, you can easily trap them and release them far away from your property. Use caution or consult a pest management expert if you plan to relocate these, as they may also be infected with the hantavirus.

How Exterminators Inspect for Mice

You should consider hiring a pest control service or exterminator if you have a serious mouse infestation. Exterminators are trained specialists in pest control that eliminate unwanted pests from your house in the most compassionate way possible and then work to prevent them from returning. To ascertain if you want the assistance of a professional rat control toronto service, exterminators employ several techniques.

Access Points

The average house mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime, meaning that all openings in your home’s exterior walls, doors, and windows should be sealed off to prevent unwanted visitors. Inspecting your home regularly will inform you of any openings mice could use to enter.

Food Sources

Mice will eat just about anything, so long as it is within easy reach of them. It’s not unusual to discover a mouse family has made a home in the pantry, where you keep your cereal, crackers, and canned goods. Your trash and recyclables could be a magnet for these pests.

Areas of Habitat

Mice will eat just about anything, so long as it is within easy reach of them. It’s not unusual to discover a mouse family has made a home in the pantry, where you keep your cereal, crackers, and canned goods. Your trash and recyclables could be a magnet for these pests.

Warning Signs

Defecation is very likely, especially in and around food sources. There are telltale indicators that you may have a mouse infestation, and you should be aware of them (or even just a few of the little pests in your home). Their size is comparable to that of rice grains, which are dark brown or black. The droppings lose their black color and change substance as the bird ages.

Scratching or chewing noises inside your walls is a major warning sign of a mouse infestation. Those disturbing noises are evidence that they are nesting in your home and wreaking havoc on its foundation. Food bags that mice have contaminated will have gnawed or nibbled holes. There is a possibility that you will find a mouse’s corpse.

Exterminators Cost for Mice

Exterminators and pest control services approach mouse infestations differently. Pest control firms use integrated pest management, a strategy that mixes non-hazardous insecticides and rodenticides with long-term preventative strategies. The techniques employed by exterminators are effective quickly, are often quite harsh, and require just a couple of applications to eliminate a pest population. Even if you find further evidence of rodent activity after exterminators have finished their treatments, they are under no legal obligation to return.

The cost to get rid of mice might vary depending on the sort of pest control service you hire and how many visits are required to get rid of the problem. Mice extermination toronto services, including traps, baits, closing entry points, and follow-up visits, often cost around $525. The one-time service fee for pest control businesses is comparable to the annual subscription fee for preventative services.


A mouse infestation may be easier to handle on your own than an infestation of termites or bed bugs. This is possible if you have experience with mouse management and don’t mind taking out a dead mouse now and then. Still, if you want to ensure that all signs of mouse activity (such as droppings and urine) have been eliminated, it’s preferable to employ a professional exterminator. Professional exterminators have faced similar situations before and have the necessary safety training and equipment to eliminate rodent infestation in your house without endangering either you or your family.

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