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Housing Disrepair Claims: A Guide to Apply for Compensation 

by Darshan Fame
Housing Disrepair Claims

In this post, we will explain how to get housing disrepair claimcompensation. It includes all the information starting from knowing your rights as a tenant to successfully get your claim from understanding your rights as a tenant to filing your claim efficiently. 

Read this post to know the necessary conditions to fulfill your claim successfully. We ensure you get quick repair service while also protecting yourself legally. In this way, the chances of success in getting compensation may increase. 

What Does Housing Disrepair Claim Indicate? 

When a tenant files a housing disrepair claim, it indicates that they are legally approaching their landlord. It is needed to get your compensation against your landlord, who has not been maintaining the property. It is a human right to live in a safe and livable property. 

As a tenant, you can claim issues regarding the roof, plumbing, wiring, or any other part of the structure. Disrepair claims by tenants also address that the landlord needs to pay compensation against the loss due to issues with pests or mould. You can get your justified compensation when you have legally proved the issue. In another case, you cannot sue the landlord for damages.

housing disrepair claim is, infact, a formal notice submitted by the tenant. It is against a landlord or property manager that is responsible for maintaining the condition of your property. This claim aims to address an issue that tenants are experiencing problems with their living situation. Moreover, they face disrepair issues, including water leaks, mould growth, structural damage, and electrical hazards.

To file a claim against a landlord, you acquire evidence that the damage is present and affecting your living condition in the property. Moreover, you may need to provide all documents to notify the landlord or property manager about the existing issue.

Suppose the landlord or property manager does not reply to your notice or fails to repair the issue in a reasonable time. In this situation, you can approach them legally. It is highly encouraged to consult an attorney before understanding your rights and filing a claim.

Are You Eligible to Get a Housing Disrepair Claim?

If you are a tenant and your rented accommodation is in disrepair, you can claim against your landlord. To become eligible for a housing disrepair claim, your home must fall into one of the following conditions:

  • The property is unfit for human living. 
  • The property includes serious hazards. 
  • You are facing health and safety risks.
  • Your landlord has failed to carry out essential repairs.
  • Your landlord has yet to respond to your notices for repairs.

Suppose you think that you are eligible for a housing disrepair claim. In that case, you need to consult with experienced housing disrepair claim solicitors. An attorney will help you understand your rights and properly guide you in making a claim.

If you know you fulfill the eligibility criteria and are facing difficulties in living, follow the steps below to apply for a claim. The initial step to applying for a claim is to send a notice to your landlord. It is highly recommended to send it in documented form, i.e., email. This notice should include the following information:

  • Your name 
  • Your address
  • The date of sending the notice 
  • A description of the home’s disrepair
  • What have you done to fix the issue by yourself
  • Provide evidence to support your home disrepair issue

Key Points to Remember while Submitting Your Notice

Always save copies of letters or emails you send to your landlord. Also, keep copies of receipts of new things you buy due to housing disrepair. In case of any health issue due to your home condition, you must retain the medical receipt and submit it with your claiming documents. 

Although, it is the responsibility of the local housing council to maintain a record. But, to avoid delay in compensation, you must keep all documents copied and recorded with yourself. Suppose you are experiencing problems with your rented accommodation situation due to disrepair. You can file a claim for the housing disrepair issue in that case. To do so, you need to prove it. 

Therefore, you must gather evidence of the issue in either a picture or video. Then, contact your local housing council to get assistance filing the claim. Afterwards, you can send a letter to your landlord or property manager to notify them regarding your intention to file.

Remember to send them relevant evidence to get your claim successfully. Your landlord has two weeks to reply to your notice. If he fails to do so, then you can legally reach them by filing a claim.


Housing disrepair is an unwelcome issue for all, including landlords, tenants, and homeowners. By knowing how to handle these issues effectively, you can make all the difference in tenant and landlord relationships.

Having evidence is a must to get your claim successfully. You have just six years to provide evidence after legally approaching your landlord. We hope you can go through the process to get your housing disrepair claim.

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